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Sprinkle: A Journal of Sexual Diversity Studies


The second volume of Sprinkle, a peer-reviewed McGill undergraduate journal of Sexual Diversity Studies was recently published for free online.

The editors write:

Our aim in producing this edition of Sprinkle was to open a space for academic dialogue regarding non-normaitve experiences and ideas which are often silenced within our regulatory, heteronormative society. In this vein, we hope to draw attention to queer history and experience as well as other issues of gender and sexuality, subjects not often addressed within mainstream curricula.

Submissions were taken from McGill students as well was other university students in North America. Anyway, the issue pretty much speaks for itself!

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Shedding Light on Late-term Abortions


Here is an informative and thoughtful article entitled: Late-term Abortions: Facts, Stories and Ways to Help, written for the Huffington Post by Jodi Jacobson, founder of the U.S.-based Center for Health and Gender Equity , and a women’s health advocate. It sheds some light on the myths and facts about late-term abortions, particularly in the states.

The article follows the extremely unfortunate death of Dr. George Tiller, one of the few doctors in the United States who was willing to perform late-term abortions, who was tragically shot to death while at church this past Sunday. As the article reveals, there are a lot of misconceptions about late-term abortions floating around not only the conservative media outlets, but the public health advocacy community as well. Jacobson emphasizes the fact that we should listen to the voices of the people Dr. Tiller treated, advocated for, and worked with, rather than the sensationalist talking-heads in the media. Through stories of women who have undergone late-term abortions, she reveals that it is a decision made out of love and responsibility to one’s self and one’s family.

Canada is one of the few countries in the world that does not have legal limits on abortion. CBC recently published a timeline of significant moments in Canadian abortion rights history. Do you think abortion rights are currently under threat in Canada?