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To Ban or Not to Ban the “Holocaust-ing” of Abortion


On Tuesday, October 6th, Choose Life will host “Echoes of the Holocaust”, a presentation by co-founder of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform and acclaimed speaker on pro-life topics, Jose Ruba. Indeed, Ruba will be drawing parallels between abortion and genocide.

Choose Life is a pro-life club at McGill in support of Ruba’s claim that abortion is an act of “dehumanization and denial of personhood” – two processes, he argues, that have “justified some of the greatest affronts to human dignity that the world has seen, including the Holocaust”. For more details of the event, click here.

Interestingly, pro-choice advocates are in the midst of trying to pass a motion that would prevent this event from happening on the grounds that this presentation “targets” women and their right to choose. They, also, claim that the parallels being drawn to the Holocaust are offensive and classify as “hate-speech”. So, they are inviting members of the pro-choice community to organize at SSMU’s office board room on Friday, October 2nd @ 5PM. For additional details, please e-mail or

So, what do you think of what’s going on? Do you find that bringing the Holocaust into pro-life discourse is offensive or creative? Moreover, do you think this event should be stopped?

I’m pro-choice but I’m also against censorship. But, that’s just me…

Make your voices heard!!!

We had the time of our lives…

Taking the streets with Swayze-esque swagger!

Taking the streets with Swayze-esque swagger!

Ca Marche 2009: We came, we danced, we sang, we spread positive messages for change and marched in sexy solidarity with thousands of people who want to prevent the spread of HIV.

Thanks so much to everyone who came out and joined in!  This was the biggest, brightest Ca Marche yet, with over 100 people marching with the H&H team. A huge thank you in particular to all of the people who fundraised, threw parties (hey Rhonda, hey Juniper), volunteered, and donated money to keep the Sense Project going.  Shout-out to the Rock Camp for Girls crew for their Farhabulous energy. And to the Farha Foundation who puts on this event every year!

Check out our Flickr to see more pics!

With our online donations, along with cash donations that we know about already, we have raised $9,469 for the Sense Project!  This means we have already almost beat our goal of $9,999 – great job, fun-raisers!  We have until December 1st (World AIDS Day) to collect donations.  Help us make 2009 a record year for Sense fundraising by contributing to our online campaign here!

Faggity Ass Fridays: Tom Cruisin’ Night TONIGHT!!!


From Faggity Ass Friday by Nora R.


Cruise on down to the Playhouse on Friday, September 25th for the much-anticipated return of Montreal’s #1 Club Night (Montreal Mirror 2009), and the best queer dance party in town! We know you’ve been cruised before, but get ready to be Tom Cruised at the back-to-school edition of Faggity Ass Fridays.

Tom Cruise themed attire encouraged. Socks and tighty whiteys, Ethan Hunt’s spy black, Top Gun leather jackets, etc… anything to take my breath away.

DRAGnolia et Perfos:
Pat McCrotch & Eddi Licious
Jacky & Lorena
The Risky Bois
Bianca Brightheart
Top Gun DJs:
DJ Fucks, DJ docroot et plus!

Hosted by:
DeAnne Smith

Launch of Anthology About Gay Male Desire


DeAnne Smith writes about the launch of I Like It Like That: True Stories of Gay Male Desire, a new anthology edited by Richard Labonté and Lawrence Schimel. Here’s a glimpse of the article featured on

“Skip the cookie-cutter, generic porn imagery. When I Like It Like That: True Stories of Gay Male Desire launches in Montreal on Mon, Sep 28, listeners will get an earful of compelling, intimate details not often found in mainstream erotica. Hot but smart, passionate yet reflective, the collection, published this fall by Arsenal Pulp Press, presents work by both new and seasoned writers, delving deep into their erotic memories to tell true stories of sex and desire. The launch features readings and an artist’s talk by local contributors Daniel Allen Cox, Christopher DiRaddo and Mark Ambrose Harris, as well as Ottawa’s Nathan Burgoine”.

Want to check it out? Here are the details:

When: Monday, September 28th @ 7pm

Where: Casa Del Popolo, 4873 St Laurent

So You Think You Can Marche?!


Are things crazy busy at work and/or school? Looking for a way to decompress and have fun? Well, look no further because we have teamed up with the Farha Foundation to raise money for the Sense Project and will be doing so by dancing our way down Saint-Catherine’s. So, please join us this Sunday and bust a move…or two! We can guarantee booty shakin’ goodness!

Stuff you should know…

When: Sunday, September 20th

Where: Departure Site is Parc Émilie-Gamelin (Berri-UQAM Metro)

Who: Members of Head & Hands community

Why: “Ça Marche” is an opportunity for us to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and the importance of prevention. We will, also, be working towards our goal of raising 9999$ for the Sense Project – our peer based sex education program.

Obviously you want to get involved but don’t know how, so, check out these options:

1. Sponsor* us online by clicking here

2. Join our online team and invite your friends and family to donate* (pledge forms are also available in our office).

3. Come out and get sweaty with us on September 20th .

4. Forward this email to 10 friends….and join your team to our page and benefit H&H!

Hope to see you on Sunday,


p.s. This year’s dance theme will be inspired by Run-DMC’s It’s Like That.

To see how much fun it was last year, check out this video: