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Faggity Ass Fridays eats out your brains:
Queer Zombies….ATTAAAAAACK!!!
Head & Hands’ Faggity dance party to support queer-positive sex ed

Would you survive a gay zombie attack? Join us and find out on Friday     October 30th at the Playhouse to celebrate the living dead and Faggity’s 2nd birthday party! It’s a dead man’s party, and Faggity is where you’ll find zombies who want more than just your brains. These zombies want to raise money for sex education!!!

Montreal music-makers On Bodies were born to play Halloween, pure and simple. Nicky Click will make the undead gyrate from beyond the grave. Miss L’n’Q and her Drag Hoes will thrill you, chill you and fulfill you. The whole night is hosted by real-life cartoon fantasy Jessica Rabbit, with prizes and surprises the whole night through. 

Bring your fierce. Wear your costume. Protect your brains.
Friday, October 30th 2009
The Playhouse (5656 Avenue du Parc)
$10 suggested donation; all money goes to the Sense Project, Head & Hands’ holistic, queer-friendly sex education program

Dismembered DJs:
DJ witch tit, DJ fancypants

Spooky sounds:
On Bodies
Nicky Click

Deadly Drag:
Miss L’n’Q and her Drag Hoes

Haunted Hosting: Jessica Rabbit



This is a website much complete on vaginismus. It offers informations for womens, their partner and also for practitioners. Here is an overview of what infos can be found on the site: advices for the pap smear to be the least incomfortable and least hurting possible, Q&A on vaginismus, pros and cons on treatment, self guides and tons of infos on what is vaginismus, what does it do, where does it come from, myth, realities ect.!

I hope this helps anyone who wants to know more about this or figure out why they might feel a certain way. Not much people know what is vaginismus, even ones that have it.

Here some quick key fact on what is vaginismus and how it affects the female body (comes from the ”What is vaginismus” section).

Vaginismus is the defensive reaction a vagina has when she is afraid or in pain.

Vaginismus is pelvic muscles clamping shut in anticipation of pain, like the fist of the picture above.

Vaginismus is the medical condition which makes it painful or impossible for a woman to insert anything inside her.
Vaginismus is experiencing a brick wall or closed vaginal opening when trying to make love.

If you want to know more, just go to the link above and read on!

More condoms!


I’m sure you’ve eard of or seen this video before, and if not, you’ll see how wide a condom can stretch! Don’t forget condoms come in various sizes, colors, flavors and shapes so that the pickiest person can have their favorite. 🙂

On the other hand, don’t give credit to statement like :”The condom is too small for me!” It is true it can be a bit incomfortable if a person that buy large size has to wear a medium one. Its not ideal because there is a slightly higher chance the condom can rip, but it is nonetheless better than no protection at all! Don’t be fooled by those who try to smooth talk you out of protection! It is a condom or nothing… Finally, there is a lot of places where there is free condoms, like here at Head and Hand, or in CLSC, youth  center and some college or university school’s bathroom etc.




Safety_hugo says:

Virginity sounds like a simple matter to a lot of people. It usually implies having never had penetrative sex, but it can get tricky quickly.

What if two guys have sex together for years but never do penetration, because that’s not their thing – are they virgins?

What if two women have sex together for years, never doing penetration – are they virgins? What if they start using sex toys for penetration?

What if a woman does penis-anus penetration with her partner, but no penis-vagina sex to protect her hymen, is she still a virgin?

Virginity is a label. You decide if it applies to you or not. What becomes an issue is when people are treated poorly because of their sexual experience, or lack of thereof. Or when people feel they’ve wasted something important if they end up having a mediocre first sexual experience (for whatever reason). There’s a good chance that your first time will be less than 0.1% of your sex life, yet people put so much emphasis on it. The first sexual experience that really matters is the first one you truly enjoy.

What matters is whether you are enjoying what you are doing with your partner or not, and whether you want to explore other aspects of your sexuality. People can judge you on what you have done or not, but that shouldn’t be.

Increase in Contraceptive Use = Decrease in Number of Abortions = DUH!


The Guttmacher Institute just released a report entitled Abortion Worldwide: A Decade of Uneven Progress. Here are some key points that stood out for me:


– The number of abortions has decreased from an estimated 45.5 million procedures in 1995 to 41.6 million in 2003.   The people at Guttmacher suggest that this is the result of an increase in contraceptive use worldwide which has, in turn, diminished the number of unintended pregnancies.  


-While there has been a global trend toward liberalizing abortion laws, about 40% of women still live in countries with very strict ones. And, abortion occurs at about the same rate in countries where abortion is legal and in those where it isn’t. The bottom line is that highly restrictive abortion laws do not prevent women from getting them; in fact, they just put them in harm’s way.


This all sounds great, right? Well, don’t get me wrong… I do find this report fascinating and I think that everyone should read it; but, these conclusions have already been made…like, a ZILLION times! We know this stuff and yet, it is still the subject of great controversy…









Yellowknife’s Catholic School Board Decides Against HPV Shots


I came across this article today. It is worth checking out for yourself. But, in any case, here are some key points and concerns:

Catholic schools in Yellowknife will not be providing the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination shots to its students. Sandy Lee, minister of health and social services for the Northwest Territories does not agree with this decision and ensures that the shots will still be provided by the ministry.

That being said, many HPV types can lead to a variety of cancers, cervical cancer being the one most commonly associated with this STI. So, while the ministry will still continue to provide the shots, the Catholic School Board has just made it rather difficult for its students to obtain it.

Interestingly, the board does provide other vaccines. So, why not HPV shots? Well, apparently, they want the parents to decide if their child(ren) should get the vaccine or not. Unfortunately for them, though, if they allow other forms of immunization then this argument doesn’t really stand on its feet.

Perhaps an education campaign would have been a better way to go…Who needs more barriers?!

What’s a Happenin’? Inuit Sexual Health Conference in Iqaluit


A national conference on sexual health is taking place in Iqaluit this week. Policy makers, Inuit leaders and health-care officials will be talking about a range of serious issues pertaining to sexual and reproductive health. To read more about what CBC News had to say about the conference, click here.

And, to learn more about Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada, visit their website.



Last week, I came across an article on entitled “Good for Her, Great for the Planet” that talked about the greening of the sex-toy industry. Author, Anne Kingston, sheds light on the increasing demand for eco sex toys that are fair trade and/or safe for the body. Apparently, sex toys are less regulated than dog toys which is alarming when you start considering all of the carcinogenic chemicals such as phthalates that could come in close contact with very sensitive areas of the body. And, while the Canadian government has begun to regulate children’s toys, sex toys are still tucked away in many legislators’ drawers…

So, add a little anti-sweatshop politics into the mix and you have an emerging industry to save the day. For instance, Red Tent Sisters, a Toronto store committed to women’s sexual and reproductive health, recently launched, selling a variety of different products like organic vegan lube and fancy dildos made from safe and sustainable materials like hardwood and bamboo. They even have vegan, fair-trade condoms…Point is, it doesn’t matter where you stand on the idea of fair-trade sourced, eco-sensitive products, just know that there exists safe, good sex out there for everyone!