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Faggity Ass Fridays – Posters of Parties Past!!


We recently celebrated the 2nd anniversary of our dear queer dance party, Faggity Ass Fridays. This monthly fundraiser provides a steady flow of income for the Sense Project (yay!) and a sexy space for queers to get down (double yay!)!!

The party would not be nearly as much fun (or as lucrative!) without the help of many, many fabulous volunteers. These people pull door shifts until 3:30 am, dance around in panties and prosthetics for screaming crowds, and distribute condoms like it is going out of style. One of our most beloved volunteers is Xavier Tolentino, who has used his creative genius and dirty mind to produce almost every single poster for every single Faggity. Thank you Xavs – we love you!!

Check out some of Xavier’s amazing work here:

Created with flickr slideshow.

And here’s a nice article about FAF in a recent issue of The Link!

There is a Faggity tonight at the Playhouse (5656 av. du Parc) – check it out!

When people go “creative mode”


I was browsing the web for some stuff related to sexuality and such that i could talk about here and was surprised to see so much expression i had never heard of…Of course as a french speaking person, i am less aware of slang terms and new expressions that emerge to describe known concepts. So tonight i will write on a fun blog entry on different expressions’ meaning.

If you want to check out and laugh a bit: is a great place for a tons of new expressions, but unfortunately they are not all sex related.

DINS syndrom: Double Income No Sex syndrome: The state of a couple where both partners work but they are too tired or stressed to have sex

Pornopatch: mandatory sex scene in a movie or book

Drive-by porn or Drive-by smut: Sexually explicit images viewable on a video screen in a nearby vehicle! This has happened so often that it has now its own expression!

Askable parent: A parent who is willing to answer their child’s questions and who encourages their child to ask questions, particularly about sex. (Those should have a sex ed reward!)

Sexting: action of sending salacious text messages (This is a problem in some high schools)

Niche Dating: Dating people based on a single characteristic, or on a very limited set of characteristics.

Irritable male syndrom: Anger and irritableness in men caused by a sudden drop in testosterone levels, particularly when brought on by stress

I’m sure there is plenty of other expressions, those are some of the best i read. There might be a follow up post on a same subject! Until then, have fun and Happy Holidays!

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Tips to improve your body image


No, this is not an article on how to lose weight.

The following is a bunch of tips on how to improve your body image without surgery, diets, makeup or a makeover.

Wear clothes you feel comfortable in. Dress to express yourself, not to impress others. Risk being different. It’s sometimes much more gratifying than being like everyone else.

Cut labels out of your clothes. The size on the tags shouldn’t dictate your mood for the day!

Throw away your scale. Weight fluctuates from dusk until dawn, on a daily basis. Don’t expect the scale to reflect the way you look. You are the only judge of that.

Focus positively and be aware. When you look at yourself in the mirror, talk to yourself. Tell yourself what you like about yourself, instead on looking for what is wrong. Be aware of when you do, tho.

Don’t read fashion magazines. The people depicted in those magazines are already people that are out-of-the-ordinary, in terms of looks. Plus, they are extremely photoshoped and don’t look like anything they did at the photo shoot.

Stay active. It’s positive for the body, but also for the soul. Having a friend taking a walk with you or playing sports can be a good way to enjoy it even more.

Know yourself and ask for support when needed. It’s ok to ask to be heard, or simply to be hugged. There is nothing wrong in recognizing you need support. Be aware of when you are feeling blue, and surround yourself with positivism.

Accept positive criticism. When you receive a compliment, don’t try to deny or justify: “Oh but my hair is so greasy today, how can you say it looks good?”. Just say “Thank you!”.

Treat your body with love and rediscover yourself. Nap, eat, take some sun, yes, but also do things for yourself. Take a bath, a massage, take a good cup of hot chocolate. Do an activity that you like with someone you like: yourself.

In a few words: Love yourself. Love your body. Along with your mind, it’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own!

Inspired by:

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Stereotypes in the media?


If you didn’t know it was selling the shoes… what would you say this publicity is trying to sell?

Can you identify female stereotypes in this ad?

thank you YAHAnet!


Sense was privileged to be featured on the YAHAnet website recently! YAHAnet is an innovative webtool that provides youth from around the world with the opportunity to actively and creatively participate in the fight against HIV & AIDS using an interdisciplinary approach which combines public health, education, art, and technology. Check them out, they’re rad!

And to read our feature, go here.

Thanks again YAHAnet!

Your friends in sexy solidarity, Sense

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Today is World AIDS Day!!!


So, why do we make bad decisions when we’re naked? Well, I don’t think that even the most reputable social and natural scientists in the world would be able to provide a clear answer to this question or be able to agree on one. And, I happen to think that human beings are pretty complex when it comes to their behaviours and practices so the answer to this question might always remain an unsolvable mystery. This means that the only thing we can do is learn about what constitutes risky behaviours and practices that might put us in harms way and of course, educate others.

Throughout the month of November, the Sense Project posted a series of myth busting questions and answers, opinion polls, videos and other related content in the hopes of clarifying certain misconceptions about HIV/AIDS while pointing to prevention strategies. We began by illustrating that HIV/AIDS affects us here, in Canada. After that, we addressed the infamous “mosquito bite” myth, confirming that mosquitoes cannot, in fact, transmit HIV. This was followed by a controversial poll which inquired into the possibility that we live in a post-AIDS world. It was inspired by a very interesting talk I attended given by epidemiologist, journalist and author of The Wisdom of Whores, Elizabeth Pisani. Afterward, issues pertaining to HIV stigma were discussed with the help of provocative videos created by other awesome organizations such as AIDES and COCQ-SIDA. Then, we tackled particular sexual acts such as anal and vaginal intercourse in the hopes of illustrating that safe sex always needs to happen, regardless of the ways you choose to have it and/or your sexual orientation. Evidently, this provided the perfect introduction to a discussion on the ways in which HIV is transmitted and the different stages of HIV infection.

And, today is World AIDS Day which means that the Sense Project’s e-blitz has come to an end. Though, we hope that the month of November along with our regular programming has provided you with the opportunity to learn more about HIV/AIDS and well, we hope that we’ve better equipped you to fight against prejudice and practice safe sex.

So, please take a moment to reflect – to think about the millions of people worldwide who have died and/or who continue to be affected by HIV and AIDS. But, also, show your support.

Be fair, be aware and BE SAFE.



If both partners are HIV positive, they should still practice safe sex!


If both partners are HIV positive, they no longer need to practice safe sex. TRUE or FALSE? 


When both partners are HIV positive, they need to practice safe sex to protect themselves from contracting each other’s strain of HIV – a strain that could possibly be more aggressive and resistant to antiretroviral drugs.