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Educating youth to empower their sexualities

This is not what our program looks like, but its a funny way to introduce sex ed

Ok, this is not how the training goes. It's even more fun!

I have recently been asked to participate on a radio show about peer sex-educators. Unfortunatly, I can’t make it, but it gave me the idea of sharing with you my wonderful experience as an animator for Head & Hands’ Sense Project.

That project won me over very quickly with its empowering and sex-positive approach. I started off my training with intimate and very useful meetings with new and returning Sense animators. They are all beautiful and devoted people (remember that we are not paid to do this: we do it because we LOVE it!).

In these meetings, I received more useful information about sexuality (anatomy, pregnancy, abortion, giving birth, sexually transmited infections, contraceptive, barrier methods, masturbation, pleasure, toys, selfesteem, love, gender, sexual orientation, relationships, violence, etc.) than I have in my entire life.

I got to practice animating a few times in mock workshops during the training, but I had no idea what the real deal would be like. I had NO IDEA that it would be THAT MUCH FUN!

Youth is so great to work with! Ok, not everyone is always into it, especially on a friday night, last period, but something good always come out of it.

When I started, I thought I would never be able to talk in front of a group. But I jumped right into it and fell in love with it! Facilitating sex-ed workshops gives me such drive. It’s amazing!

To anyone who would like to be a workshop facilitator or a peer-educator, I say: GO FOR IT!! The training is free, you will meet incredible people and wheter you end up animating or not, you will learn so many useful info about sex!! On top of it, when you do animate or help someone you know with what you’ve learn, it’s a great feeling of achievement! I highly recommend it.

If you would be interested in the peer education program, visit the Get Involved section of the website for updates on the upcoming trainings.

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Casual sex survey!


This is pretty neat, for those of you who like to talk about sex!

Heather Corinna, who founded the awesome teen sexuality website Scarleteen, designed this casual sex survey to find out how, why, and where people hook up, with no strings attached.

Casual sex can mean lots of things to lots of people, whether it’s one-night-stands or friends with benefits.  Some people like having casual sex where there are no expectations of a relationship attached, while others prefer sex with a partner they know well. And many people experience a mix in their lifetime!

(Either way, of course, practicing safer sex with condoms and lube helps prevent the spread of STIs and unintended pregnancies.)

The survey‘s pretty long, but never boring. Check it out if you desire!

Note: To participate in this online study, you should be over the age of 16, and have had some kind of sexual partnership before, even if none has been casual.