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Ask us anything! Sense has a formspring account!


Great news! Sense now has a Formspring account, so you can ask us questions quickly and easily!

You can ask anything (anonymously!) in the little box over here —->

The answers will be posted on the blog, as well as on our Formspring page. We welcome anonymous questions about sex, sexual health, bodies, sexual/gender identity, safer sex… all of these, and more, in the box to the right! 

By the way, your anonymous questions will be answered by me (Nikki, hi!), the Health Animator here at Head & Hands, and our awesome Sense animators who facilitate workshops with youth across Montreal.

We’re so sexcited to hear from you!

Human rights for trans people… NOW!


The story is not over for the trans rights bill, Bill C-389. The Bill was passed in Parliament on February 9th (though barely – 143 to 135!) and now needs to get approved in the Senate.

This bill puts legal protection on the table for transgendered, transsexual and gender non-conforming people. It adds gender identity to the Canadian Human Rights Code. It calls harassment and discrimination against trans people what it is: a hate crime. Essentially, it’s a step toward protection, equality, and human rights for all people – regardless of how they express their gender. 

Last night, I took 15 minutes to contact all of the Quebec senators to tell them that I care about this Bill, and encouraged them to vote for it. It felt gooood. Frankly, the Conservative-dominated Senate is not the happiest place for this Bill to go, so I want to show that we’re watching and listening.

If you want to show your support too, Egale Canada has a list of all the senators’ contact info and also a handy template email that you can use to make your statement. They include a myth-buster document about the Bill, too, to address some of the stereotypes and falsities emanating from the House of Commons (e.g.: “This Bill will encourage sexual predators to lurk in girls bathrooms!”) 

Head & Hands is proud to work closely with so many trans-identified youth throughout Montreal and support them in their health needs. But transphobia is widespread and real – so we have our work cut out for us. Solidaritay, all the way! 

For more information, check out the campaign on Facebook and this recent story in the Globe and Mail.

rad sex ed!


Hey folks!

There an awesome workshop series going on at the 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy this week!

Check out the info below, and take a Facelook for the address and details!

Psst – one of the workshops is tonight!

Join us at the 2110 for a series of super hot 101-level workshops about sex, consent and pleasure.

These workshops are queer & trans positive. People of all ages, genders and orientations are welcome. Come hang out, ask questions and grab some (free) safer sex necessities. All workshops and events are free and open to everyone!

~Getting Off Getting Off~
Thursday, February 10th
18h – 20h

Safer sex, consent, and communication are the foundations of a rad sex life. How does pleasure fit into the mix? Come talk about bodies, sex, making out, and getting off.

~Film screening & discussion: Year of the Carnivore~
Thursday, February 17th
20h – 23h (?)

Directed by CBC’s Sook-Yin Lee, Year of the Carnivore is a story about unrequited desires and the quest to get “good at” sex. Stay after the screening to talk about the film!

Thanks to Al Blair for the adorable and scandalous poster!