Why I Commit: Because H&H Respects the Teens I Hang With!


Monthly donor / donatrice mensuelle Tara

Like many of our supporters, Tara got involved with Head & Hands through our monthly queer dance party, Faggity Ass Fridays, because it was a “good way to meet babes.” This year the former FAF door volunteer continued to invest in the Sense Project, training our Sense Animators in working with adolescents with learning disabilities. Here, Tara gives the inside scoop on what Head & Hands means to MTL teens, as well as that little guy she can’t live without. Meow!

Name: Tara
Monthly since: March 2011
Day job: Professional role model. Private tutor.
Other than being a monthly, how do you or how have you connected with Head & Hands: Ancient FAF door volunteer
As a teenager I was passionate about: Julia Roberts
Song I have stuck in my head right now: Damian Marley’s “Affairs of the Heart”
My momma always said: “You can order anything you want, as long as you finish it.”
Fave MTL restaurant: Les Sandwichs Volant, keeping me alive since 2008.
First thing I do when I get home is: Drape my cat around my neck like a fur stole and turn on the comedy network.
Standby or favourite dance move: Fist pump
Celebrity crush (dead or alive): Marisa Tomei: yesterday, today, tomorrow.
St. Viateur, Dads, or Fairmount, and why? Fairmount. No need to justify this correct answer.
Can’t live without: My cat, until he dies, and then I’ll have him stuffed.
One wish: Eternal health.
Free trip, where do you go? Right now I’m planning a trip to Portland, Jamaica, so I’ve got that on the brain. Otherwise probably Calabria.
Why I commit to Head & Hands: I commit to Head & Hands because I hang with teens on a full time basis. Some make use of the youth health services, a fair number have attended Sense workshops, one carries the drug guide around in his backpack. They may not be familiar with the Head & Hands mission statement, but they know that this organization respects their rights and their needs. I commit to Head & Hands for them.

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