Why I Commit: Because Sex Ed Makes a Big Impact!


Bob Edgar

Upon the recommendation of Michele Thibodeau-Deguire at Centraide, Bob came to Head & Hands with a desire to to give back. He says he “walked in the door and stayed five years,” serving two terms on the Head & Hands board of directors, driving carfuls of hay around, and volunteering as a math and science tutor. Here, this chocolate-chip cookie and opera aficionado tells us about dining in the shadow of the Rolling Stones, and why he stays connected as a monthly donor.

Name: Bob Edgar
Monthly since: May 2009
Day job: Retired… but I still periodically consult in the industry where I worked.
Languages spoken: English, French and there is Dutch waiting to be unlocked after a long absence of use.
Other than being a monthly, how do you or how have you connected with Head & Hands: I started as a volunteer, helping students with math and science, and hauling hay in my car for a Halloween gig (editor’s note: lore has it that this was for a sweet Meow Mix fundraiser for H&H!). After that I was on the board for four years. I learned a lot more than I gave.
As a teenager I was passionate about: Golf.
Song I have stuck in my head right now: “The First time I Ever Saw Your Face” by Roberta Flack
Fave MTL restaurant: XO in the Hotel Le St-James, where the Rolling Stones stay. I can only afford to go once every five years.
Passions: Golf, opera, and long distance travel once every two years.
First thing I do when I get home is: Whistle to Micheline to see if she is at home (she whistles back) and then open the fridge.
Standby or favorite dance move: I just love (to watch) tango.
Celebrity crush (dead or alive): Ann Margret
Can’t live without: Chocolate chip cookies and ice cream – and Micheline.
One wish: That our society (and our governments in particular) would be more caring.
Free trip, where do you go? Back to the islands of Greece – especially Santorini
On a lazy afternoon I: sit on my balcony, reading and dozing (summer only).
Why I commit to Head & Hands: If people did not give back to their community, we would all be so much worse off. I can’t bring myself to pick one service at Head & Hands over another, but perhaps the Sense Project could potentially have the greatest overall impact.

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