Top Three: Our New(ish) Website


Last Friday, we posted a video to thank the fine folks at Plank Design. We won their pro-bono project competition in late 2010, and they worked with us for just over a year to build the beautiful site you are now enjoying as you read this post! In further thanks, we’d like to highlight some of our favourite improvements:

  1. New Branding: Plank rescued our stalled logo redesign process, after we’d considered and tried everything from resurrecting an old logo to working with a volunteer graphic designer to opening a public competition with prize money. Maria’s work was absolutely gorgeous, and we really appreciated Warren and Emerson coming into one of our staff meetings to present concepts to the team!
  2. Clear Navigation: Just look at those menus! It may have taken approximately one thousand re-numberings of our site map (thanks for keeping track, Sarah!) but now you can find the information you need in a logical place. We also love the way our programs are featured on our homepage–because in our hearts, services for our clients are what we’re about.
  3. WordPress: Going with WordPress instead of a custom CMS was something Warren, Jenn, and Hannah agreed upon pretty early in the process. Why? We now have a blog! Our staff, from luddite to tech lover, can now update pages without worrying about breaking something! Our website can easily grow with us, as our programs expand and change over time!

We’re looking forward to new favourites in the coming years!

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