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Ça Marche 2012: The Movie


In classic Head & Hands fashion, we present our annual Ça Marche dance video for your viewing pleasure!

If you helped us reach our Ça Marche goal this year by giving your time, money, or your moves…well, this one’s for you!

Special thanks to Carol Fernandes and Jess Lee, the super-star volunteers who filmed and edited and made this video as glorious as it is! And to our dancers…we couldn’t do it without you!

Ask Anything: Inverted Nipples


Do you think inverted nipples will turn a guy off in bed or when hooking up?

I wouldn’t stress too much about this! First off, there is nothing wrong with having inverted nipples. A lot more people then you may think have them, simply because anybody who has nipples can have an inverted nipple. This can mean something different for everyone, because each person’s nipples will react differently to stimulation. Let’s say that when you’re hooking up with someone, your breasts get rubbed or sucked. In many cases, this can bring out your nipples, so it may not even show that your nipples are inverted.

But what if you are naked in front of someone and they notice that you have inverted nipples…and that person makes a comment about them? You can explain that you have “shy nipples” and that this doesn’t change anything about your physical enjoyment; it’s just the way you are made. Also, we are taught that there is just one way, or at least just one good way, that a body should look. In general the representation of breasts and nipples in the media is: perfectly round, firm, perky, symmetrical, full (at least a C cup), with a small and soft pink areola/nipple and a permanently erect nipple. At least 90% of the population doesn’t have breasts that fit this description.

As for your question about turning guys off, I’d say that attitude is key. This is your body; own it! And of course, if the person you’re with doesn’t appreciate your body, then maybe they don’t deserve to be seeing it.

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Welcome (back) Sensies!


Class photo, 2012-2013 animators / Photo de classe, animateurs-trices de l’année 2012-2013

We are so excited to have 18 new and returning Sense animators! Sensies are the bedrock of our peer-to-peer sex education program. After 30 hours of training in fall, they spend the academic year pairing up and going into high schools across Montreal to give holistic, non-judgemental, and youth-centred workshops on safer sex.

This was Health Educator Gabrielle’s first time running training since being hired in May, and it was her co-coordinator Robin’s first time, too! Embracing the spirit of newness and change, they took this opportunity to revisit the training manual and workshop offerings. Traditionally three workshops, the standard Sense series is expanding to include a fourth workshop, which will be piloted in some schools in the next couple months!

Animators this year also delved deep into the Head & Hands approach, discussing and reflecting on sexuality from many different perspectives, thanks to the many external facilitators to contributed to training. Some things never change, though: as always, one favorite part of training was the food! Delicious eats were contributed by a number of Montreal locals, including Cafe Touski, Burritoville, Upstairs Jazz Bar, Nouveau Palais, The People’s Potato, and Midnight Kitchen.

As always, we invite YOUR school or community group to get in touch about booking workshops! We can do them in English or in French, and can provide harm reductive, non-judgemental drug education workshops in addition to our sex ed offerings. If we don’t already have a workshop or presentation that fits the bill, we can often create one that meets your health or sexuality needs! Just email Gabrielle at

Dancing to glory! 2012 Ça Marche campaign raises more than ever!


Groups of passionate people can achieve great things, so when we called on our community to help us raise $15 000 for our youth health services and sex education program as part of Ça Marche this year, we felt like we would give it our best shot.

But when all was said and done this Sunday, we were floored by the amazingness of our community. The results of this year’s Ça Marche campaign were astounding:

  • More than $20,300 raised for our youth health services and peer-based health education project
  • 46 people fundraised on behalf of Head & Hands
  • 368 community members donated to our cause
  • And one amazing troupe danced 7km in fierce glory to celebrate the joys of HIV care, prevention, and education with youth!

This year, more than ever, Ça Marche reminded us that we are nestled in a supportive and strong community that will ensure that Montreal youth have access to the health care and information that they need. We are especially grateful to our top fundraiser Ren who raised over $1,500; to Gregory, a new Sense animator who brought in a whopping 26 donors; and Tanya, who dressed in a cat suit to inspire her community to give. These star fundraisers will be rewarded with the Diner’s Delight top prize, cheffed by our haute-cuisine inspired fundraising team.

Big ups to all of our fundraisers, our dancers, walkers and banner carriers, choreographer Claire Lyke of Studio des Bêtes Dansantes, DJs Tamika and Nino Brown, photographer Chase Moser, videographers Carol Fernandes and Jess Lee, and of course to the Farha Foundation, who continues to lead the fight against HIV and AIDs in Quebec.

We can’t wait ‘til next year!