Ask Anything: Inverted Nipples


Do you think inverted nipples will turn a guy off in bed or when hooking up?

I wouldn’t stress too much about this! First off, there is nothing wrong with having inverted nipples. A lot more people then you may think have them, simply because anybody who has nipples can have an inverted nipple. This can mean something different for everyone, because each person’s nipples will react differently to stimulation. Let’s say that when you’re hooking up with someone, your breasts get rubbed or sucked. In many cases, this can bring out your nipples, so it may not even show that your nipples are inverted.

But what if you are naked in front of someone and they notice that you have inverted nipples…and that person makes a comment about them? You can explain that you have “shy nipples” and that this doesn’t change anything about your physical enjoyment; it’s just the way you are made. Also, we are taught that there is just one way, or at least just one good way, that a body should look. In general the representation of breasts and nipples in the media is: perfectly round, firm, perky, symmetrical, full (at least a C cup), with a small and soft pink areola/nipple and a permanently erect nipple. At least 90% of the population doesn’t have breasts that fit this description.

As for your question about turning guys off, I’d say that attitude is key. This is your body; own it! And of course, if the person you’re with doesn’t appreciate your body, then maybe they don’t deserve to be seeing it.