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Vote for Head & Hands and bring Street Work back to NDG! from Neal Rockwell on Vimeo.

Between December 3-12, vote for us once a day in the Aviva Community Fund’s online competition and we could win $87,000 to bring two Street Work back to NDG!

25% of NDG’s population is living below the poverty line, and many of its youth are falling through the social net and struggling to meet basic needs. Until government budget cuts stopped the program in August 2011, Head & Hands Street Workers went out into the community to connect with youth, provide a listening ear, and support them in identifying their own needs and taking steps towards filling them.

Our Street Workers supported youth with the basics like finding emergency food and shelter, accompanying someone to an abortion, getting tested for STIs, and other urgent needs.  They also worked with youth to find long-term solutions like finding an apartment, getting into pre-employability programs, leaving abusive relationships, finding support with addiction, etc. – always at youth’s own pace and on their own terms.

Street Workers reached youth who might otherwise never have walked through the doors of Head & Hands or of other service organizations. They also did HIV and Hep C prevention by distributing clean needles, crack pipes and condoms to youth, and talking about safer drug use and safer sex. The loss of Street Work left NDG without any clean drug gear distribution program, and hundreds of young users without easy access to clean materials and support.

Vote every day!  Tell your friends!  Bring back this essential service!!

How to vote:

  1. Register on the Aviva Community Fund’s website (you can connect via email or Facebook, it takes just a few seconds.)
  2. Go to our Aviva page and VOTE FOR US!!!
  3. Vote for us everyday between December 3 and 12!!!
  4. If you’d like us to send you daily email reminders about the competition (it’s so easy to forget!), email: .

Resources to help us win votes:

Resources are available in French here.

Our main strategy:

  • Get in touch with “boosters,” – aka people you know who could reach out to a big audience such as local celebs, Facebook and Twitter personalities, etc. – and ask them to promote our campaign!

Other ideas on how to help us win daily votes:

  • Send an email to your networks and encourage people to vote DAILY! Use this email template!
  • Are you a student or a teacher? Make an announcement in your class, set up a voting booth on your campus, and/or get permission to put up posters and flyers in your school’s computer lab!
  • Make an announcement in a staff meeting and get your coworkers to vote for us daily!
  • Do you have any relevant media contacts? Send them this press release!
  • Will you be attending or organizing a related event next week? Hand out flyers, make an announcement for Head & Hands and/or set up a voting booth!

Hot social media tips:

  • Send a chat message to your online Facebook friends who have more than 1000 friends and ask them to promote our campaign!
  • Use this image as your profile picture.
  • Like and comment on every Facebook post you see about our campaign! Complement any incomplete post with the missing information, e.g. the link to vote, let people know they can email for daily email reminders, etc.
  • Invite your friends to this Facebook event. If you want to invite all your friends at once, let us know – we have a little trick for you!
  • Share our “Why I’m voting for Street Work” daily photo-testimonials.
  • Use these hash tags when tweeting about us: #cdnndg #rockaviva
  • Got any social-media-savvy-friends? Pick their brains and share their secrets with us!

Hot messaging tips:

  • Stay positive (e.g. We’re so close! Competition is tight but we can do it!)
  • Share updates on where we are in the competition (e.g. We’re only blank# votes away from the top 10!)
  • Share our strategy with the world (e.g. Know anyone who has a big network? Ask them to promote Head & Hands’ online campaign to save Street Work in NDG!)

Much love,
The Head & Hands team.

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