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Volunteer Opportunities: Sense Project!


The Sense Project is our cutting edge, harm-reductive and queer/sex/trans-positive peer-based sex education program. Here are two ways to get involved and support the Sense Project:

If you want a one-time, quick ‘n’ dirty thing, go with SERVE!

  • SERVE is our 8th annual charity beach volleyball tournament which raises money for the Sense Project. This year we want to raise $50,000!
  • Unique opportunity to share our holistic vision of youth empowerment and wellness with Montrealers at large on a fun & sexy day.
  • July 28th 2013 at Jeanne Mance Park (Sunup to Sundown).
  • We need 60 volunteers for a variety of jobs (Scorekeepers, Barkeepers, Security, Servers, BBQers, Runners etc).
  • For more information or to sign up, please contact Shanice at or at 514-481-0277.

If you’ve got some stamina and want to commit to a year of fun times with peers and sex ed, go with SENSE!

  • The Sense Project was created in response to the 2005 education reform in Quebec which removed sexual education from the high school curriculum.
  • We are looking for Sense Animators under 25 who will facilitate sex ed workshops with youth in high schools.
  • This is a year-long commitment in addition to a mandatory 35 hour training in September.
  • The deadline to apply is Monday July 29th at 10:00 AM.
  • To apply to be a Sense Animator or to get more details about the position, check out the details and find the downloadable form here.

Commit to our Core final count: 17 Bundles of Awesome!

17 bundles of awesome!

17 bundles of awesome!

A huge THANK YOU to the 17 amazing people who signed up as monthly donors during this years’ Commit to our Core campaign!! Your support is at the heart of our organizational strength and stability, and helps ensure that Head & Hands can continue to provide excellent and consistent services for the youth who walk through our doors each day.

We also profiled six of our current monthlies in our Why I commit series, to shine the spotlight on some of the outstanding individuals who make our work possible. If you haven’t had a chance to meet them yet, why not get acquainted? We think they’re pretty awesome!

And of course, if you want join the monthly donor movement, it’s never too late (or too early)! Here are all the details on how to sign up, and why monthly donations rock our world! If you have questions or would prefer to speak to someone in person, feel free to stop by or arrange a meeting with Fundraising and Development Coordinator Juniper at 514-481-0277 or

To our new and current monthlies—we couldn’t do it without you. Your commitment to the health and well-being of Montreal youth makes our hearts sing!

Why I commit: Adriana Palanca



“I may not be rich, but if I can make a small difference, I want to do it.” – Adriana

As a teenager, monthly donor Adriana Palanca was “bookish, funny, sarcastic, and already in love with words.” Today, not much has changed for this monthly, who is not only a writer and translator, but a yoga teacher who finds time for “making snarky comments.” Which were very funny in my experience! Also, she answered the “fifteen year plan” question. Who does that?! See below to find out!

Name: Adriana Palanca

Monthly since: March 2012

Is there a particular program that you are passionate about?  Any program that helps youth. It’s such a hard thing to find your place in the world, especially when your peers and sometimes even adults, want to keep you down. I admire those who help youth find their voice and their passions.

Celebrity crush: Beyoncé

Top three things you’d want to have with you on a desert island: One good friend, Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, pizza.

Fifteen-year plan: Writing creatively full time and helping others find their writing voice, teaching more yoga.

On a lazy afternoon I: Couch. Reading material. Tea. iPhone.

If I won a trip anywhere in the world I would: Leave for Italy tomorrow.

Song I have stuck in my head right now: Try a Little Tenderness, Otis Redding.

My fave book, zine, magazine, blog: If it has words, I’ll read it. Don’t ask me to choose! That’s like asking a mother to pick her favourite child!

Want to be like Adriana and become a monthly donor? Visit our Monthly giving page, or give Juniper a call at 514-481-0277!

Why I commit: Kate and Corey

Kate and Corey!

Kate and Corey!

“We are so excited to have the opportunity to support the amazing work that goes on at Head & Hands – especially in a political context where services for marginalized communities are subject to increasing surveillance and funding cuts. We are totally on board with the youth-centred, non-judgmental approach, and the focus on fostering collective spaces where communities can share resources and learn from each other.” – Kate and Corey

Welcome to our first ever monthly donor couple profile, with the lovely Kate and Corey!

Monthlies since 2010, Kate and Corey got involved at Head & Hands through friends, with Kate dancing on our team in Ça Marche and volunteering at Serve. In addition to being cat-lovers and having “that new Daft Punk song in their heads” both Kate and Corey have busy professional lives; Kate teaches sociology at Vanier College and is working on her post-doc through U of T, while Corey is a McGill PhD student and avid hackathon participant.

We are so glad to have this dynamic duo on board after all these years, and to finally get a chance to shine a spotlight on them!

Name: Kate Cairns and Corey Chivers

Monthlies since: 2010

As a teenager we were: Kate: a massive Weezer fan.  Corey: preppy.

Is there a particular Head & Hands program that you are passionate about?

All of them! But as folks who are particularly concerned with the potential (and limitations) of education, the Sense Project is definitely something we’re passionate about supporting. The access to health and legal services are also crucial, as well as the Young Parents Program. So ya, all of them.

My fave book, zine, magazine, blog:

Corey: Hackernews, Brain Pickings

Kate: Rabble, The Dominion, Racialicious, Twist Collective

Top three things you’d want to have with you on a desert island:

Can we say each other? Plus Corey requests a pencil and paper and Kate requests a pair of cats that can breed an endless supply of kittens.

On a lazy afternoon I:

Corey: nerd out on my latest hacker challenge.

Kate: Snuggle with my cats, knit and watch bad television (preferably involving musical numbers).

Celebrity crush:

We definitely both have a crush on Justin Timberlake. (Unoriginal, perhaps, but true.)

Want to be like Kate and Corey and become a monthly donor? Visit our Monthly giving page, or give Juniper a call at 514-481-0277!

Why I commit: James

Monthly donor James

Monthly donor James

“I commit because so many restrictions are placed on the work organizations are able to do based on where they get their funding. From what I understand, relying on private donors is one of the reasons Head & Hands is able to do such amazing things and respond to the real needs of the community.” – James

Community worker and monthly donor James is currently between jobs, but he’s having no trouble keeping busy by filling his days with food, friends, cats, activism, art, bikes and parks. He came on board as a monthly during last year’s Commit to our Core campaign; “the friend who approached me made it clear that no matter what amount, every donation was important. It made being a monthly donor (which in my mind is sometimes reserved for people who “have money”) super accessible and it makes me feel good to know that the little bit I can contribute is appreciated.”

Too true, James! We are so glad to have your support!

Name: James

Monthly since: March 2012

Other than being a monthly, how have you connected with Head & Hands? I feel like I woke up one day and was surrounded by people who know and love Head & Hands! I’ve had so much fun at every Head & Hands event I’ve ever gone to, from the AGM to that giant music show (with hot dogs…) in the park.

Top three things you’d want to have with you on a desert island: a donut, a cheeseburger and my bike.

Is there a particular Head & Hands program that you are passionate about? I am pretty passionate about the medical and legal clinics. There is a serious lack of competent queer/trans healthcare in this city and also non-judgmental legal support.

Celebrity crush (dead or alive): Joseph Gabereau

I can’t live without: my puffer…wah wah.

My fave book, zine, magazine, blog: I just started reading Sarah Schulman’s “Gentrification of The Mind” and I hope to pick up a new fave zine at the anarchist book-fair this coming weekend.

If I could change one thing at Head & Hands I would: Give them unlimited resources so they could expand and provide amazing services for everyone all the time and also have time to help other organizations build their capacity.

Want to be like James and become a monthly? Visit our Monthly giving page, or give Juniper a call at 514-481-0277!