Why give to Serve 2017?


From the abortion pill to the national overdose crisis, there is a need to ensure that Montreal youth have access to meaningful health education.  As the Quebec government explores how to reintroduce health education to schools, Montreal’s vibrant service industry is coming together to show how important sex education is for our city’s youth. Head & Hands’ Annual Serve Beach Volleyball Tournament is taking place on Sunday, July 30th.


As the Quebec government’s two-year sex ed pilot project comes to an end, there is no word on how or whether it will be made standard across the province. Schools have not been given the right tools to deliver comprehensive sexual education to youth, and may continue to be ill equipped to do so for years to come.


With large-scale sensationalization of the “abortion pill” (recently made free in Quebec), the Canada-wide overdose crisis, and continued conversations around cyberbullying and consent, youth must be able to access accurate information without feeling afraid or being judged – and we have a responsibility in our community to make it happen. Youth cannot escape these realities, and we are here to make sure that they understand them fully. The Sense Project model is built on the knowledge that teens will experiment, but they need to experiment safely, with all the information and nuance that they can get.


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