Watersliding for the Matriarchy!

By Plank|March 22, 2018|Uncategorized|

In December, Montrealer Ian Christopher Goodman was in Edmonton for the holidays when he decided to run an impromptu fundraising event "Waterslidathon for the Matriarchy," where he and a friend got sponsors to donate as they used the waterpark at West Edmonton Mall. For the inaugural year, Ian decided to give the proceeds from the event to Head & Hands, specifically towards the Sense Project. Read a little bit about his project below. If you're interested in hosting a third party fundraiser for Head & Hands, you can read our how-to pamphlet or email us at funds@headandhands.ca. Thank you Ian! It's so lovely to see our work supported across Canada! "Why Waterslide for the Matriarchy? Well, why not have some fun busting the patriarchy? A waterslidathon is like a telethon, but adding water to make things much more delightful. Participants in Waterslidathons for the Matriarchy are raising money for community organizations that are reducing sexual violence. After campaigning to find sponsors, watersliders climb countless stories of stairs, brave terrifying slides like the "Sky Screamer", and do it for hours on end (who am I kidding; it's still a blast), and it's for a darn good cause. Our toxic culture has gotta change—and quickly—before more abuse happens to people dear to us. I really feel that education and community outreach are vital steps towards that change. So the 1st Waterslidathon for the Matriarchy is raising money for Head & Hands and their initiatives like the Sense Project, whose team of trained animators provides specialized sex ed. workshops (including topics on consent, sexual assault, identity, orientation and sexual health). Conversely, the new sex ed. curriculum in Quebec's public schools (after a decade of no mandatory sex ed.) is raising concerns among teachers regarding its feasibility and effectiveness: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/quebec-sexual-education-mandatory-courses-1.4453545 Change won't happen if everyone thinks someone else will take care of things. But all of us together can absolutely change society for the better, making it respectful and inclusive and safe. Donate. Volunteer. Get off the bench. And have fun busting the system."  
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