PRESS RELEASE: No sexual education materials in Quebec

By Plank|April 30, 2018|Uncategorized|

When the government of Quebec removed mandatory sex education from the provincial curriculum in 2005, community organizations around the province - like Head & Hands - stepped up to fill the gap. It was only after years of community mobilization for the return of sex education that at the end of their mandate, on an electoral year, the Liberals conceded a reform on sex education - at minimal costs.

The Quebec government is no longer producing new educational materials for the upcoming sex education reform in the fall of 2018. Teachers will therefore have to produce their own materials or use materials that are more than 10 years old.

At Head & Hands, we denounce the government's lack of investment in ensuring the success of its sex education reform. The lack of resources will have to be filled largely by community-based sexuality education initiatives that teachers will use, themselves underfunded.

Standardized teaching materials across the province would equip already overloaded teachers to more easily and effectively implement reform. Of course, training and adjustment of the task of teachers will have to follow. That being said, pedagogical material is the bare minimum necessary to successfully carry out the reform in sexual education.

Quebec government's refusal to fund these educational tools for teachers a few months before the reform is implemented across the province is proof that sex education is not a priority. This reform remains for the moment a sloppy electoralist gesture to restore the image of the QLP.

We ask the government to reverse its decision and produce new, current and inclusive educational materials. We also ask them to put feminist, queer and trans inclusive sex education with a harm reduction approach at the heart of their priorities for the well-being of the province's youth.


  • Le Groupe régional d’intervention sociale (GRIS)-Mauricie/Centre-du-Québec
  • Réseau des Lesbiennes du Québec - Pour une visibilité sociale et politique des femmes de la diversité sexuelle
  • RÉZO (santé et mieux-être des hommes gais et bisexuels, cis et trans
  • IRIS Estrie

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