J2K Calendar

Activities are always optional. We are first and foremost a drop-in center, where youth can hang out and meet others.
3770 Decaire
Au Sud du metro
Villa Maria


December 21st
Westhaven Showcase@
December 14th

December 19th
Music & PotLucK:
A musical Jam Session with FOOD!!!!
Come all as we celebrate life, love, music and end of a wonderful year 2013 with friends, Musikaddict, J2K Allstars (Studio) respect goes out all staff

Julie, Ariel, Danika, Max, Philippe, Rashad, JP, Fraser,Jeb, Asma and Neil you’re all beautiful people who keeps that Fiyah Burning give thanks
No man is an Island
J2K Returns on January 6th 2014 Be Well love more