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Big changes for our food pantry


The thing I love about working the food pantry is getting to meet and chat with people while sharing food and resources!

Big changes are being made to our food pantry!!


By providing a couple days’ food to folks who need it, the emergency food pantry is an essential piece of Head & Hands’ game plan towards fostering a healthy and food-secure community.

Like all our H&H services, we approach our food pantry from a non-judgmental and holistic philosophy- no questions asked! As an emergency food provider we understand that a major challenge for many people to access services like food resources is not having an ID – and we know there are many reasons why someone may not have ID. We don’t think that should be a barrier to accessing food. We do our best to make it as easy as possible for you to come in and grab what you need. The general process for the food pantry is pretty straight-forward: if you are between 12-25 you can pick a bag twice a month; if you’re over 25- you can come by once a month. You don’t need ID, proof of address, or proof of income! Let us know if you have kids – we offer extra for families! The pantry is divided in two sections – food that needs to be cooked, and food that doesn’t, because we know not everyone has access to a stove or kitchen.

Good news… We have expanded the food options available and have added soy milk to our pantry! And….

We are now accredited by Moisson Montreal, the largest food bank in Canada, whose mission is to redistribute food donations to community organizations. Their donations will not only increase our food pantry stocks but will also mean bigger and better things for our YPP collective kitchen and more food options at J2K!

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Meet Liz: Monthly Donor, Bartender, and Movie Producer!

- At J2K we cooked a lot, played basketball, and there's also a  music room and computers. The programming at Head & Hands is in  direct response to the needs of the community.

– At J2K we cooked a lot, played basketball, and there’s also a music room and computers. The programming at Head & Hands is in direct response to the needs of the community.

Meet Liz: monthly donor, bartender, and movie producer extraordinaire! In addition to working as a bartender at Bifteck, Liz is an independent producer for Farah Goes Bang, a feminist, sex-positive comedy that was an official selection at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival and won the Nora Ephron Prize. Liz has also produced the award-winning short, A Better Place than This. Understandably, she always wants to have 3Gs to stay connected to her filmmaking work, keep up to date with Head & Hands’ latest media appearances, and also to look at pics of her crush, Barack Obama. A former animator at our J2K youth center, Liz loves how being a monthly donor means she can contribute directly to the community she lives in!

Tell us about the work you did at J2K.

Youth at Musikaddict, J2K's music program

Youth at Musikaddict, J2K’s music program

When I worked at J2K it was as a youth animator which meant organizing and facilitating activities in the center. We cooked a lot, played basketball, there’s a music room and computers. Neil who organizes it and the rest of the staff are really like extensions of the youths’ families or like friend circles. So a lot of the time you’re just hanging out, doing what they (the youth) want to do. Which I think is the point of the center.

J2K is amazing. For more about their hours and exciting programs and events, readers can check out their page. And now, to completely switch gears, how about this amazing, award-winning comedy you produced? What’s that all about and how can we watch it?

Farah Goes Bang is a feminist, chick-flick, buddy, comedy, sex-positive, political, road movie! It’s the story of three friends who take a trip across the country to campaign for John Kerry slash celebrate their sisterhood and one of them, the titular Farah, is trying to lose her virginity along the way. You can watch the trailer here and soon you’ll be able to see it on iTunes (April 10th!)

via Farah Goes Bang

via Farah Goes Bang

What are your favourite books, zines, blogs?

For a book, I’m tempted to say To Kill a Mockingbird, but it’s probably Bridget Jones’ Diary. I don’t read zines – I’m not that cool, but I like Time and The Atlantic. For blogs, I like Post Secret (does that count as a blog?) and Rich Kids of Instagram.

Top 3 things you’d want to have on a desert island?

1.Pink lemonade
2. an iPad with 3Gs (or however many Gs are now available)
3. A pillow!

Is there a particular Head & Hands program that you feel passionate about and why?

I think they’re all incredible. Honestly. Head and Hands combines a strong vision and core principles with practicality. Consequently, all of their programs are effective and useful because they are a direct response to the needs of the community filtered through H&H’s unique, non-judgmental, hands on approach.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Want to become a monthly donor like Liz? It’s super easy! Just visit our monthly giving page RIGHT HERE or contact Malaika at 514-481-0277. Monthly giving is also super accessible. All donations, from $3 to a million-billion per month are very important to us!

Let everyone you know see how cool Liz is and how important monthly giving is: use your 3Gs and share this post!

Celebrate Black History with Head & Hands!


February is Black History month in Canada!

We believe that Black history is everyone’s history, and every day is Black history day. With that in mind, we want to share some ways you can get involved in the interesting cultural, musical, and other events that mark Black History month!

There are so many events throughout Montreal in celebration of Black History Month! You can visit the official website of Black History Month in Quebec  for a calendar of events.  As well, Dawson College is organizing a lot of programming around Black History month. Check out their Facebook page for more information. The Hive has made a beautiful poster listing events you’ll probably want to go to this month, and it’s not too late to catch the last event of the Fro Festival: a reading by poet Akua Naru.

Here at Head & Hands, we’re celebrating Black History Month with exciting activities at Jeunesse 2000 (J2K). The theme at J2K this month is, “You are Black history.” J2K Coordinator Neil explains that the goal is “to increase knowledge and conversation and to acknowledge the contributions of Black people to strengthen the community.” As Neil puts it, in a knowledgeable and strengthened community, “Black history would be every day.”  Come to J2K this Thursday for a presentation from our Legal Coordinator Ralph on traffic lights, gas masks, and other inventions by Black inventors. There will also be “Cinema Noir” film screenings (with snacks!), dance classes, and more! See the J2K Calendar for the exciting list of events happening the whole month!

J2k Calendar

If the snow is getting you down, and you’re just not up for leaving your apartment, you can still learn about Black history with our two film recommendations, a documentary on journalist, suffragette, and Civil Rights leader Ida B. Wells, and a film on Madame C.J. Walker, the first female self-made millionaire in America!

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Donor News: J2K Animator Eva Helps Youth Express Themselves Through Art



Jeunesse 2000 (J2K) animator Eva knows the importance of artistic expression in building youth confidence.

Many youth who come to the J2K drop-in centre have difficult situations going on at home, and need an outlet to express themselves. Unfortunately for many, access to safe, non-judgemental spaces that encourage artistic expression is rare. Providing a quiet place to write, or workshops on how to play musical instruments, is invaluable. It allows youth to build relationships with animators like Eva. “We try and fill a gap in society – it can be hard to talk about certain things with your teacher or parents, and so you end up talking to your friends, but they’re not necessarily the best people or the most informed. Youth really need that in-between, which is why I see myself as a big sister figure.”

For Eva, part of being a big sister means creating safe, non-judgmental spaces that inspire and empower the youth. In early October, she hosted a discussion group on black hair and identity; and this summer, along with other J2K staff and youth, she helped put on Do My Ladies Run This, an all-female music showcase at Shaika Café. For Eva, it was important for the youth to see women, “practicing, singing, and jamming. It showed them that, yes, they belong here, and yes, their art matters.”

But Eva stresses that you don’t have to want to make art or have a topic you want to discuss to come to J2K. In fact, you don’t need to have a reason at all. For youth, just knowing that there’s a place where they can come and hang out if they have nothing to do is really important.

What’s up with J2K!?



J2K, our youth drop-in centre, is going through a bit of a space-related adventure this season! Jeunesse 2000 has been at the same location at 3770 Décarie for the past 23 years, in a building that belongs to the Ville de Montréal . A drainage issue with the pool over the summer has forced them to close the building for the next 3 months, in order to do some renovations. These changes have been in effect since September 8th, and should last until sometime in November.

In the meantime, J2K is relocating to the Manoir, where we will have a small drop-in space and gym access. All programming except for MusikAddict will take place at the Manoir on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pmand on Saturdays from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

For the month of September, MusikAddict sessions will be held at KoSA Academy on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Starting in October, and until we get our space back, we’re hoping to move MusikAddict to Westhaven Community Centre, which J2K has collaborated with and had a good relationship in the past.

For as long as we’re out of our space, J2K can be reached at 514-462-5944. Check out the J2K calendar for details about activities throughout the month of September, and see below for addresses and contact info for the Manoir, KoSA Academy, and Westhaven Community Centre.

Le Manoir (Comité Jeunesse NDG):

5319 Notre-Dame-de-Grace ave (corner of Decarie), 2nd floor, 1st door at the top of the stairs.

KoSA Academy:

2207 Beaconsfield ave. H4A 2G9


7405 Harley ave. H4B 1Y2 514-872-6134


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STREET VIBES #11: So street.


photo 5

Street Vibes always beautifully lives up to its name. Hailing from every corner of NDG/CDN, local youth and established musicians came together in an eclectic mix of styles that kept the vibrant crowd fixated on the makeshift stage all night long.

This year, on Thursday August 21, as part of NDG Arts Week, Jeunesse 2000 teamed up with Boutique SubV to create a music venue out of a shop that screams: ‘STREET’! With our backs to a barber shop chair, and our sides to a slick collection of kicks and caps, we gazed in awe at the high-energy show happening on a pop-up stage set in front of a wall of colorful paint cans. It was a sight for sore eyes, and the beats (courtesy of DJ Kevin Smith), rhymes, dance moves, and guitar lines came at us like a wall of vibes.

All throughout the night, Head & Hands served up a healthy dose of hot dogs and veggie burgers to attendees, while the bar kept the crowd loose and loud.

By night`s end, Jeunesse 2000 collected a whopping $895 from donations, which will go towards the Head & Hands youth drop-in center.

Big shout out to all the performers who came out to strut their stuff!

Musikaddict     **     Mello     **     No Dance No Life Crew    **   

 Young Kraze    **    The Moors   **    Susiety    **    Strange Froots   **   

 Danny Rebel    **    Athena Holmes    **    CeasRock

**More photos coming up soon! Check them out on Facebook!

photo 5 (2)  photo 4 photo 3 (4)photo 5 (4)

Get yourselves ready for Head & Hands SUMMER EVENTS!




It’s hot like hell, but not as hot as Head & Hands’ Summer Events! Here’s a sneak peak at what’s in store SUMMER 2014:

FRIDAY, JULY 18 @ Café Shaika

Do My Ladies Run This?! … : A female-powered musical evening with local artists of all different genres and styles.

SUNDAY, JULY 27 @ Jeanne-Mance Park

SERVE: This event gathers the bar and restaurant community in Montreal for a volleyball competition in support of the Sense Project, Head & Hands’ peer-based sexual education program offered to Montreal’s youth.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 16 @ Girouard Park

COMMUNITY CARNAVAL & SAMEDI IN THE PARK: In the much-loved tradition of Sunday in the Park, NDG Arts Week festival opens with this family friendly outdoor concert to celebrate the vibrancy and diversity of NDG and raise funds for Head& Hands.

Come together throughout the day to launch the 2014 edition of NDG Arts Week! A beautiful day uniting NDG’s residents, community organizations, local businesses, and family-friendly activities will lead the way to the music! Come as you are!


STREET VIBES: An evening of NDG youth and artists coming together to support Jeunesse 2000 (J2K), Head & Hands’ teen drop-in centre. All year long, J2K promotes music, love, and community support by providing a home away from home for youth ages 12-17. This night is a show- case of pure local talent in urban arts.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 @ Emilie-Gamelin Park

CA MARCHE: Head & Hands supporters, staff, and board take to the streets as part of the Farha Foundation’s annual HIV/AIDS walk.


As always, we’ll be needing many of you awesome keeners to help us make the events run nice and smoothly, so please get in touch with Matt to find out how you can get involved!!

@ :

# : (514) 481-0277




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Hip-Hop with K. Heaven


When asked, “Why hip-hop classes?”, J2K Coordinator Neil quotes philosopher Mutabaruka: “If you want more peace among the youths, create more dance.”

“When dancers hit, it’s the showstopper,” Neil continues, “it’s a hip-hop generation. It moves the youth. It’s not all they’re listening to, but they have access.” Animators at J2K have been hearing requests for dance programming for years, especially from the young women who hang at J2K. Lots of guys come for basketball, but reaching out to women and offering more options for youth to get into their bodies has been a longstanding priority. When K. Heaven approached Neil about offering hip-hop, it was a sweet opportunity. Since February, youth have been popping, locking, and wacking under the guidance of K. Heaven and Associates on Saturday afternoons. New programming always takes time to catch on with youth, but hip-hop has always been a catalyst for beautiful moments at J2K, from chilling and listening to music, to making beats together, to performing at our summer music showcases. We can’t wait to see where youth go with this class, so if you know someone between ages 12 and 17 who loves to dance…send them our way!

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Spotlight on music programming at J2K!



Over the past few months, the home away from home for NDG youth has become a music magic shop!  Teens can drop into J2K on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays for an amazing range of musical activities – from jam sessions, to beat-making, to voice recording, to learning new instruments… or even just hanging out and meeting new people.  Everyone is welcome!

On Mondays and Thursdays, come join the Musikaddict crew to play and learn about improvised music.  We’ve got an amazing library of instruments to play with – from keys, bass, guitar, and drums to violin and berimbau and many more.  Our professional (and patient!) instructors Ari and Julie love welcoming new people… they’ll have you writing your own songs within a month of touching your first instrument.  And on Thursdays, we order pizza or cook food together while jamming!

On Mondays and Tuesdays, join Frase in the studio to take advantage of our amazing all-new equipment donated through a MusiCounts TD Community Music Grant!  We’ve got an amazing range of new instruments and technology to make beats, write tracks, record vocals and more.  If you can imagine it, Frase can help you produce it.  Take a look at the video above to see what’s possible at the J2K studio, and then come visit us yourself to add your own flavour!






Give the Gift!!



Did you know that since street work re-launched in October, demand for our emergency food pantry has more than doubled? The need for our medical, legal, and social services is growing, and so we put on our thinking caps to increase financial support this winter. Allow us to introduce our new fundraising campaign, Give the Gift!

When you donate online through Give the Gift, you’ll receive a package of custom-designed cards, ready to print at home and give to friends and family on behalf of each donation. Give the Gift was made possible thanks to two talented local Head & Hands supporters: web programmer, Danielle Bakhazi, and youth artist, J’VLYN.

No matter the occasion, we’ve got you covered in English and French, with cards for celebrating gratitude, birthdays, anniversaries, congratulatory moments, incredible friendships, a new life, or just because! 

Give the Gift cards are perfect for the person who says they don’t need anything, who doesn’t want more stuff, who wishes they had more time to volunteer, who believes in buying local, who believes in homemade gifts, who believes in ethical giving, who you have no idea what to buy, for the person who loves Head & Hands, and for the person that you love. 

No matter who is on the receiving end, they can’t deny the wicked awesome goodness that comes from a donation being made in one’s honour to support youth in our community.

Okay, so we’ve explained why it’s amazing. But how does it WORK?!

1. Go to our Give the Gift page by clicking here

2. Decide how much you want to donate via your credit card or PayPal account

3. Receive a PDF file with a ton of beautiful cards

4. Pick the card you like

5. Print the card you like

6. Personalize it and send it!

7. Enjoy being the best gift giver ever.

It’s easy and fabulous.

Have any questions? No problem! Call Juniper or Jen at 514-481-0277!