Where does my money go?

Third-party fundraisers are an important source of support for Head & Hands and provide revenue that comes directly from our community. When you hold a fundraising event or campaign for Head & Hands, the money you raise directly supports our programs and services. All funds raised via third-party fundraisers contribute to our revenue from individual sources, about 20 percent of our total annual revenue!  These funds are distributed to our programs and services based on our yearly collective budgeting process.

Can I donate the proceeds to a particular program or service?

Head & Hands cannot direct funds towards a specific program, service, or individual. Head & Hands' approach to sustainability ensures that all of our programs and services receive the financial support they need. Every year, our staff and board gets together to determine our financial needs for the coming year, and collectively sets a budget that reflects our organizational goals based on the needs of youth in our community. Our team and our community-- that's where you come in-- then raise all the funds needed to make that budget a reality! This approach means that people cannot donate directly to a program or service. However, it allows us to ensure that all of our programs and services have the funding they need to survive and to thrive, and that certain projects or programs are not over-funded! When you donate to Head & Hands, you are acting in solidarity with us, allowing us to provide holistic support that responds directly to the urgent needs of youth in our community.   If there is a specific Head & Hands program or service that inspires or motivates you, we encourage you to hold an event or campaign motivated by that program. However, all funds raised contribute to our unrestricted revenue from individuals, and are redistributed based on the needs determined by our staff and board in our annual budget.   

Is there a minimum amount to donate?

No! Whether you raise $50 or $5,000, your efforts combined with the efforts of others makes a huge difference to our work.   If you have specific questions, we invite you to contact Victoria Pilger, our Funding and Partnerships Coordinator, at 514-481-0277 or at funds@headandhands.ca