Did you know that Head & Hands grew out of the “free clinic” movement of the 1970s and that medical was one of our founding services? As a non-profit grassroots community organization, it's always a struggle to make ends meet. Despite financial instability, however, Head & Hands has managed to offer free, confidential and non-judgemental health services to youth in Montreal for over forty years. It's thanks to generous community support that we've been around for so long! Has Head & Hands made a difference in your life/your friends'/your family's? Do you want to support free, accessible community health clinics? Consider making a financial donation to Head & Hands and help us keep this vital service alive! Can't support us financially? There are other non-monetary ways to support our health services as well! We're always on the look-out for the following:
  • volunteer lab technicians
  • volunteer nurses
  • volunteer doctors
  • donations of medical supplies/equipment
Get in touch with Mylène at health@headandhands.ca or (514) 481-0277 if you're interested in volunteering your services or donating medical equipment. Did you know that we do not pay our doctor? He bills the province for each insurable patient, but any time he sees someone without health insurance, he is volunteering his time. Thanks for your continued devotion, Dr. T!