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The Opportunity:                                                                                  
Head & Hands is looking for motivated, passionate people to run for election to our Board of Directors. There are 8 positions open and 5 incumbents seeking re-election.

Who we are looking for:
We are working to create a balanced group that reflects the skills and priorities of our community. Head & Hands values the unique contributions that youth (25 and under) bring to our organization and strongly encourage these individuals to apply. We invite all applicants to describe the contributions they can bring, as individuals, to our board. Relevant experiences do not need to come from school or work; we are looking for people who understand our mandate and community and, though their own lived experiences, can harness their skills to help support Head & Hands.


  • Commitment to social justice and to the Head & Hands mission
  • Willingness to participate in fundraising activities in a collaborative context
  • Desire to work with a diversity of people towards common goals
  • Available for monthly evening Board meetings and ongoing committee work (total time commitment is approximately 10 hours per month)


2015 Board recruitment priorities:

To support our work towards a collective mission, we feel that it is important for the Head & Hands Board to be strong and diverse in terms of skills, connections to programming, and connections to client communities. Having analyzed the balance of qualities on our current Board, and after asking ourselves which missing qualities would be most beneficial to our work, we encourage applicants who have been clients of, worked with, or worked in a similar field to our Young Parents Program (YPP), Jeunesse 2000 (J2K) teen centre, Legal, Health, and Street services. We also encourage applicants who have skills and energy to contribute around raising money, organizational development, communications and public relations, and English to French translation.

As an organization that works to facilitate social change and to empower diverse communities of youth, Head & Hands recognizes that living under marginalization and oppression is challenging. However, we are inspired by ways that lived experiences of oppression and marginalization generate valuable skills and perspectives that can be used as anti-oppressive tools. People of colour, people with disabilities, women, Two-Spirited, queer people, trans* people, and other candidates who experience marginalization are strongly encouraged to apply and to self-identify in your Board Candidate Profile. We are committed to a creating an organization as diverse as the communities we serve.

How to apply:

  • Get in touch with Émile, our Board secretary, at and let him know that you’d like to apply.
  • Émile will send you a blank Board Candidate Profile, which you should complete and return along with your CV, if you have one. The profile can be in full sentences or in point form, whichever makes the most sense for you. If you need any assistance in filling out the profile, please do not hesitate to contact Émile for collaborative support. Your Board Candidate Profile and CV are due May 25th at 6pm.
  • You will then be contacted by the Board Recruitment Committee, which consists of current members of the Board, for a casual information meeting. This meeting serves two purposes:

For us to get to know you AND for you to learn more about how our Board functions and what projects we are currently working on. All your questions about the organization and the Board are welcomed!

For you to receive an endorsement of your candidacy by two Head & Hands members. This is necessary in order to present yourself at the election during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in June.

  • After your information meeting with current board members, you will be asked to join the Head & Hands membership (if you haven’t already), as required by our by-laws of all potential Board members.
  • Finally, you must attend our AGM on June 13th from 4 pm to 6 pm and prepare a two minute speech for our membership. Using your Board Candidate Profile and CV, in addition to the AGM speech, the membership will vote in the new Board members. This year, the AGM will take place in Parc Girouard (NDG). Our community BBQ begins at 12:30 pm (food and music will be served, yum yum yum).