Why not channel all that creative energy toward organizing a special event or fundraiser that will benefit your favorite youth organization? Head & Hands' third-party fundraising campaign, Solidarity Through Action, provides you the opportunity to organize an event or fundraising campaign on our behalf! These fundraising activities held by individuals, groups, businesses, teams, students, or organizations will help support Head & Hands' core programs and services all year long.

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Solidarity Through Action supports students and the public in leading peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns and events in their communities. Fundraising is one of the most effective ways to support causes that are dear to one's heart. Together in solidarity we can help bring about social change. Themed dinner parties, zombie bowling, bake sales, film screenings, group bike rides, benefit concerts, plays, and birthday parties are all examples of events that community members have organized in the past to benefit Head & Hands. Public Peer Guide School/Student Group Guide Please contact us before setting your master plan in motion, because we have a bunch of great suggestions to inspire you and help  make your event a success. Please contact us for permission to use our name and logo for your event before you get started. For further information about organizing a third party event or fundraiser, please contact Victoria, our Funding and Partnerships Coordinator, at  funds@headandhands.ca or 514-481-0277.