Give the Gift


Are you or is someone you know tickled pink by our mission? What better way to honour a special someone than by making a gift that helps insure a brighter future for Montreal youth!


YOU can GIVE THE GIFT today!


Our Gift The Gift campaign allows you to make a donation in honour of a friend or loved one, which shows how much you are about them while showing how much you care about your community! Head & Hands will send a card on your behalf, letting your friend or loved one know all about us and the work that we do, and what the donation in their honour can do.

This holiday season, we have a special winter themed card, designed by a youth artist named Dillon!

Gifts of all sizes make a difference in the lives of Montreal youth!

$15 provides 2 days of healthy food for a young family

$25 funds one counselling session

$50 covers the cost of five after school tutoring sessions

$75 allows us to give one sexual health workshop to a group of youth

$250 puts our Street worker in the community for 15 hours of outreach, distributing clean needles, crack pipes, and condoms

$500 foots the bill for one week of evening medical clinics

All gifts of $20 or more will receive a tax receipt. If you have any questions, please contact Director of Fundraising and Development Richenda at 514-481-0277, or



Give the Gift:

It works all year round, too!

Whether you want to make a gift to honour a birthday, a job well done, the arrival of a baby, a wedding, or another cause for celebration, donate online through our Give the Gift campaign and we’ll send a card with a personalized note to you friend or loved one! The note will also tell them a little bit more about our mission and what your gift does.. No matter the occasion, we’ve got you covered!


Receive the Gift:

Are you planning a party or celebrating something special, but feel that you have enough stuff? Why not ask your guests and community to send a donation to Head & Hands in lieu of a gift!

Questions or comments? Contact  our Fundraising and Development Coordinator, at 514-481-0277 or