Donations & Fees

Suggested Donations + Fixed Fees List

Head & Hands believes in access to healthcare for all youth. We welcome clients with no health insurance, refugee status, and out-of-province insurance. All clients under 18 will be seen and treated for free.

Suggested donations for certain services are listed below. All donations go directly to covering clinic expenses. We encourage clients to donate as much of the cost as they are able, and sometimes that is nothing at all. Unfortunately, Head & Hands cannot fully cover the cost of all services.

Service With medicare No Medicare No medicare but under 18?
Doctor’s visit Free Suggested donation of $30 Free
Lab work (swabs, blood tests, etc) Free Suggested donation – varies (25$ and up, depending on tests) Free
Birth control pill samples Free Free Free
Pregnancy test Free Free Free
Caya diaphragm $70 $70 $70
Contraceptive gel $20 $20 $20


* Our clinic/lab can accept RAMQ, out of province, Blue Cross, Desjardins. Patients with other private insurance coverage fall under the “no medicare” category.

** Prenatal blood tests can only be performed with a requisition from a doctor who is following the pregnancy. Our doctor does not follow pregnancies.