Head & Hands provides drop-in medical clinics to youth aged 12-25 on most Tuesday and Thursday evenings (check the calendar for any schedule changes!). Our medical team welcomes anyone within this age range with or without health insurance. PLEASE do bring your health card if you have one.

Who are we?

Mylène, our Health Services Coordinator, works as an educator in the clinic and is available throughout the week for questions and follow-up. Sometimes we have replacement Health Educators working in the clinic.

Dr. Tellier is our regular physician. He is a family doctor/generalist who has been working with us for over three decades! Dr. T is only available during clinic times.

Other clinic staff:

  • Lab technicians: we have a team of technicians who take blood samples and do microanalysis on site so patients don’t have to make an extra trip to a lab. Our lab techs include Jeanette, Jean-Mario, and Gerard.
  • Residents/medical students: Head & Hands is a learning environment! We believe in community education and promoting our approach. For this reason we welcome medical students and residents training to become doctors. If you come to our clinic, there’s a good chance you will be seen by a student or resident. They are always supervised by Dr. Tellier.

How does it work?


To access our clinic, please present yourself to our reception around 4:45pm where you will be given a confidential name card and entered into the clinic draw (there is no need to come earlier as the clinic is not “first come first served”). At 5pm sharp we will do a random draw for the 10 spots to see the doctor that evening. In the event of a busy clinic, anyone turned away is invited to come back to another clinic night. We are also happy to provide referrals to other clinics.

There is often a wait before you see the doctor. The order in which patients are seen is at the discretion of the clinic staff, but it's usually in the order of the draw. You could be here as late as 9:30 pm. If you need to leave and come back, please speak with the person at the reception desk. Many people do homework, watch a movie, or read something from our zine library to pass the time. Although we cannot offer childcare during the clinic, Head & Hands is a family friendly space and you are welcome to bring your kids! There are lots of toys, books and movies around to keep them busy.

Once in the clinic

You will be met by a health educator who will open/update your chart, find out why you are here and offer any related support and information. Following this you will meet with the physician. A complete range of testing, including STI testing, is available. We have a lab technician on site to do blood work if needed.

The health team is dedicated to providing a comfortable, welcoming and supportive atmosphere where patients can be themselves and at ease. We will work collaboratively and openly to best meet your needs. Our ultimate goal is to empower you to make informed decisions regarding your health.

This holistic approach is complimented by the number of other services available on our premises, such as our social, legal and streetwork programs. All of our services are free and confidential and available to youth aged 12-25.

Who can we see?

All youth aged 12-25 are welcome, regardless of gender, sexuality, race or insurance status!!

Over 26? Due to the limited capacity of our clinics and increased demand for our services, Head & Hands cannot accept new clients who are 26 and older. Current patients can access the clinic until they are 26, at which point they will be encouraged to seek medical services elsewhere. Mylène, the Health Services Coordinator, is happy to provide support and resources during this transition, as well as a chart transfer.

Here is a list of other medical clinics, in the NDG area and outside of it, should you be unable to access ours.

Clients without Quebec Medicare:

Head & Hands believes in access to healthcare for everyone, and welcomes clients between the ages of 12-25 who don't have any health insurance coverage. That being said, we ask that if patients do have health insurance, they bring their card or insurance information with them. Temporary medicare cards, out-of-province cards, Blue Cross insurance, Desjardins and IFHP (Interim Federal Health Program coverage for refugees) are also accepted by the clinic.

Service fees and donations

As a non-profit organization, Head & Hands welcomes all donations from clients to help us cover our expenses. Exceptionally, some services for clients without a valid Quebec medicare card (RAMQ) may be accompanied by fees. For a complete list of medical fees and suggested donations, please click here. Note we only accept cash or cheque, but would be happy to provide you with a receipt!