MusikAddict is a collaborative workshop program sponsored by Head & Hands, Suoni per il Popolo, and the International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation. Held twice a week at J2K, the workshop uses improvisation to teach youth music and help them grow and develop a higher sense of confidence. Participants are invited to stop by, try out new instruments, meet other youth, and experiment with performing.

MusikAddict is a judgment-free zone! This means that all youth are invited to participate, even without prior musical experience. MusikAddict participants have performed in several community showcases and play alongside local and international artists. Participants have had the chance to attend shows at several local festivals, including the Montreal Jazz Festival, Pop Montreal, and Suoni per il Popolo.

Musikaddict has also spread to 2 high schools in NDG, St-Luc & the Annexe of St-luc, where the teaching approach from the artists instructors have been requested by students, the school staff as well as the Table Concertation Jeunesse NDG to help tackle some of the issues the youths are facing in our society.


Project Team

Over the past couple of years, Jean-Paul Belmont has been coordinating the Musikaddict program with the assistance of four instructors. An alumnus from the Applied human sciences department at Concordia University, Jean-Paul has coordinated multiple projects such as Next-Gen NDG, YEP & WORD in order to make social change by using arts, multi-media and skills building approaches. Jean-Paul has also been working as a community worker in Head & Hands’ drop-in centre for over the past several years reaching out to thousands of youths in and outside Montreal Qc.

Ariel Swan joined the MusikAddict staff in January 2012. Currently a graduate student at McGill University, she studies new methods for teaching music improvisation. Ariel is also an active performer in the Montreal music scene, playing violin with several groups and in her own self-titled solo project. You can listen to her compositions at and

Julie Richard is a multi-instrumentalist and cultural worker, spent the last 15 years at the heart of the underground music scene in Montreal with groups of various influences such as: Orkesrtar Kriminal (Music Gangster), Trips and Falls (Indy Rock) The Kumbia Gypsy Orchestra (eastern Europe / Latin America), the Beaufort Scale (Multidisciplinary Production). Her strongest interests go to the new practices emerging innovation in teaching music, and you can get more info at et

Marianne Bel has been composing and teaching music for several years. The singer-songwriter who introduced her first album in 2013 was recognized by several organizations such as SACEF, Gilles Vigneault Foundation, Cirque du Soleil, the UDA and the Do-Mi-Sol Foundation. As a teacher, Marianne Bel has several musical projects in Quebec and Peru, where she founded a music school for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The interest in music manifested early in Etienne Lebel . During his development, he has evolved in different contexts with different instruments. As an adult , he undertook in-depth theory and jazz studies. For several years, he has been practicing the interpretation of trombone and thus become professional trombonist . Being a versatile musician called to execute any kind of contract , Etienne has a passion for world music and improvisation. With a balanced sense of leadership, he surrounds himself with different groups to create new music. Etienne feel a growing desire to share his knowledge and thus transmit this passion for music by teaching music. First in 2010 in a project with musical education of young people in Haiti , and finally evolve the healthy community of Montreal and to provide an alternative education for young people starting at the Annexe of St-Luc .