Support J2K

Why support J2K? Almost every adult we speak to about J2K or who drops by says, “I wish I had a place like this when I was a teen; we had nothing!” Our hope and plan is to create a space so comfortable that it feels truly like youths’ own place, where no one talks down to them and their voices are heard, where they can be themselves, and where when they have questions, they get answers and direction without bias.

Our unique non-judgmental and harm reductive approach is essential to liberation and social change for a better world, where each person’s voice counts, no matter their age or background. In the end, we’re about treating people the way we want to be treated; respect, respect.

J2K is run on a very tight budget, which can limit our capability to reach some youth, and there is always the need to do more. The possibilities are endless, but we need your support to keep facilitating progressive programming for our youth. If you’ve ever wished you had a place like this for yourself, your kids, or your community, please consider donating at