Legal Workshops

Know Your Rights: Workshop Series

Since 1970, Head & Hands has offered holistic, non-judgmental education programming to youth. All of our workshops are focused on meeting the needs of youth participants, and are adapted to the unique environment of each school, group, and organization that we visit.

The Know Your Rights workshop series is designed to engage young adults in frank discussion, encouraging them to develop their ability to make informed choices about their rights, and make use of this knowledge in their day-to-day lives. These workshops cover topics such as racial profiling, tenant rights and obligations, workers’ rights, challenging tickets and fines, sexual exploitation, age of consent, police encounters and their legal implications. We believe that workshop participants should know their rights, feel confident using this information, and be encouraged to engage directly with the legal problems that affect their lives. We are also able to develop custom workshops on subjects not mentioned below to better meet your group’s needs.

Our program is particularly designed to meet the needs of clients between 12 and 25 years old. Our goal is to reach as many youth as possible with these workshops: in community centres, schools, day centres, group homes and wherever young people meet. We invite you to choose one of the workshops below. We aim to foster a critical spirit and perspective among youth, giving them the tools to better exercise their rights in society.

Below you’ll find information on the five core legal information workshops we offer. In addition to crafting entirely custom workshops, these existing materials can be adapted to meet the needs of your school or organization.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact Karine, the legal coordinator at Head & Hands at (514) 482 0277 or by email at

Each workshop aims to:

– Simplification of legal terminology
– Developing comprehension of legal vocabulary
– Knowledge and application of rights and civil liberties

Tenant rights and obligations
• Tenant responsibilities toward the rental unit
• All about leases and rent
• Principles of being a good neighbour

Workers’ rights
• My first job / My rights as a worker
• Disciplinary measures and termination of employment
• Salary, insurance, compensation and benefits

Racial profiling and police encounters
• Introduction to the history of racial profiling in North America
• Know your rights when interacting with the police
• The psychological and social impacts of racial profiling

Infractions, tickets and fines
• What is an infraction (contravention)
• Contesting an infraction
• Preparing a defence for the court

• What are the anti-oppression practices?
• What are the types of oppression?
• Human rights and discrimination