Racial profiling is when authority figures assume that people who are of a certain race or color are more likely to commit certain crimes or engage in a certain behaviour. For example, when cops stop black kids in the metro because they assume that they are selling drugs, when teachers in schools do not help brown kids because they assume that they will drop out, or when people assume that because you are an Arab Muslim, you are a terrorist. Some people think that racial profiling helps maintain security but it actually creates insecurity and racial tension. Just because people are of the same race doesn’t mean that they all do the same things. All people, regardless of their race, can be criminals and all people, regardless of their race, can choose not to break the law. Racial profiling is just plain racism.


To support youth by helping them find creative ways to survive the effects of institutional racism and racial profiling. The purpose of this page is to educate, inform, and provide a forum for communication. Are you interested in getting involved or know more about Project X and its services? Project X headquarter is located at 5833 Sherbrooke West. We can be reached by phone at (514) 481-0277. Please dont hesitate to contact Ralph, Legal Coordinator


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