Is it a crime, to fight, for what is mine? -Tupac Shakur
The Project X Testimonials is a section where people who have been subjected to racial profiling, police injustice or police brutally can openly express their stories, their concerns and even their frustration via multimedia. This is done in the hopes that we as a collective can learn from each others' experiences and can defend ourselves when it comes to institutional racism.

How it works

We have a website and you’ve got a voice and a story. Speak your mind. Too many of us keep our mouths shut whenever the cops harass us whether it’s because we don’t know what to do, we are embarrassed or just plain frustrated. You are not alone and together, if we speak up…change will happen. You can tell your story in whatever form is most comfortable for you. You can write it and email it to us, we can record just the audio or we can videotape you and throw it up on Youtube. Either way, it gets out there and people hear it. How it looks and hears is up to you. Mask Up We understand for whatever reason, people might want to keep their identity a secret. It’s cool. That’s why some of the video testimonies will be blurred to protect people's identity. It's also why you have the option to write your words down or just record your voice. Project X believes in safety first. What to Say The truth. We want to share experiences. Share thoughts. Get answers. Just make sure its relevant to racial profiling and police injustice. Ask your questions. Speak your beef. Keep it clean but keep it real. Note: don’t say anything that will incriminate you. Duh. Keep in mind we want to learn and fight the problem of racial profiling and not say anything that could get ourselves into more trouble.   Email us at for more questions.