Support Legal Services

From our first days, legal services at Head & Hands have provided youth with access to legal information and advice at low to no personal cost. We believe that all people are entitled to know their rights and to access information about the laws under which they live, despite barriers including racism, poverty, and age. In order to put our beliefs into practice, we rely on the support of our community, from volunteer lawyers to donors who contribute to the stability of our services and help ensure our longevity. Though our mandate is specifically to provide services to youth, donations have enabled us to keep our legal clinic open to people of all ages in need of legal advice. Our approach is unique because we aim to empower clients to take their situations into their own hands. If you believe that everyone deserves access to legal services, please donate online or mail your donation to us at:

Head & Hands
C.P. 206, Succ. N-D-G
Montreal, (QC)
H4A 3P5

If you are a lawyer, another fantastic way to support our mission is to volunteer in our legal clinics. Please contact Karine at 514-481-0277 or if interested. At present, we are particularly interested in generalist lawyers!