Rights of people under arrest Kevin was having a good time on a summer day in park Girouard drinking alcohol with some friends when police arrested him. Kevin was not happy and refused to cooperate. What happens when you are under arrest? Test your knowledge by answering these true or false questions.

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1. When an individual is arrested, he/she is restricted physically or psychologically.
2. Upon arrest, you have the right to know the reasons for your arrest, the right to speak to a lawyer and the right to remain silent during the arrest.
3. The reasons for your arrest must be explained in clear and simple language.
4. The right to speak to a lawyer is a fundamental right which allows the individual detained or arrested to discuss his/her rights and responsibilities with a lawyer of their choice.
5. If you are under the age of 18 and you are arrested, you do not have the right to get a lawyer and a parent.

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