Tickets Sarah gets pulled over one night for speeding, and gets a ticket. Upset, she argues with the police officer and ends up with another ticket. She doesn’t know how to pay her fines, or what will happen if she doesn’t pay them. Test your legal knowledge by answering these true or false questions.

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1. After receiving a ticket, either directly from the police officer or by mail, you have 30 days to respond by indicating guilty or not guilty in the box provided.
2. If you ignore a ticket it will be assumed that you have entered a plea of “guilty”.
3. If you contest a ticket and lose, there will be no question of court costs.
4. If you are not present in court on the predetermined date, you will be found guilty by default.
5. Once you receive a Notice of Judgment from the Collector of Fines, you will have 30 days to pay the ticket.

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