Youth Protection When does Youth Protection get involved and what are the reasons ? What do you do if you hear a friend is being mistreated at home by their parents? This section will help you navigate the bureaucracy and make you feel empowered to get some  information on how the Director of Youth Protection operates and to what extent.

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1. When a report is received by the Director of Youth Protection signalling that a child’s well-being might be in danger, the DYP will automatically intervene in the life of the child.
2. The identity of the person who has made the report will remain anonymous.
3. A person is never obligated to file a report to the DYP.
4. A report cannot be filed in a situation when a child is in the care of someone who is drunk if the child is not suffering physical abuse.
5. The DYP cannot intervene in cases where a parent ignores a child’s eating disorder

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