Support Sense

The Sense Project relies on donations from the community. Do you support holistic, comprehensive sex education for youth? Show us you love us!

Why support Sense?

• The Sense Project is a peer-based program that strives to provide workshops which are as holistic, non-judgmental, anti-oppressive, risk reductive and inclusive as possible. Our goal is to share information and tools so that more youth can make responsible and empowering decisions about their sexuality and sexual health.
• The 2005 Education Reform in Quebec basically phased out the sex ed course from the formal curriculum – leaving it up to individual teachers to talk about safer sex in each of their classrooms. Without training and resources provided to schools, sex ed is falling through the cracks. Supporting Sense means supplying Montreal youth with the comprehensive sex education they deserve.
• The animators are peers (youth aged 25 and under) that facilitate the workshops to share their knowledge on sex, but also to encourage discussion among youth.
• Sense is a unique, peer-based approach to sex ed. By giving young people the information and resources they need to make decisions for themselves, they are able to take control of their own sexual health, as well as spread accurate and empowering messages about sexuality to their friends and peers.
• The main topics addressed in the workshops are: sexual orientation and identities, bodies, communication, holistic health, knowledge of the self, consent, intimacy and first times.

Each donation is significant and is an expression of your values. If you support the work that we do, help us sustain it! Donors, foundations, volunteers, and friends have come together to ensure that our workshops and peer education trainings make an impact in Montreal-area schools and organizations. Whether we receive a monthly $5 donation from a university student, $200 from a high school dress-down day or a yearly grant from a foundation, the sentiment remains the same: sex education is important!

We accept online donations through Canada Helps.  You can also mail cash or cheques (made out to Head & Hands) to:
Head & Hands
C.P. 206, Succ. N-D-G
Montreal, (QC)
H4A 3P5

If you have an idea for a fundraising event, or want to discuss other ways to show your support, Victoria, our Funding & Partnership Coordinator is the person to contact at or check out our volunteers page.

We would like to thank all of the donors who keep the Sense Project alive.