Since 1970 Head & Hands has been offering educational programs that are non-judgmental and holistic for youth. All of our workshops are designed accordingly to the specific needs of the youth and adapted to the particular setting of each school or group that we visit.

The Sense Project: not the typical health class

Sense has a special emphasis on youth leadership and peer-based education. We are trying to create a space in which youth can feel supported and welcomed in their questionings and realities, whatever they may be. Since we know that most youth get their information about sex from their friends and people they trust, we seek to equip young people to educate each other about sexual health. This is why our workshop animators are volunteers aged 25 and under! Also, our peer education program encourages teenaged youth to get involved in their own school or community environments. By giving youth the information and resources they need to make decisions for themselves, they are able to take control of their own sexual health, as well as debunk myths and spread accurate and empowering messages about sexuality to their friends and peers. By signing up for workshops, schools, health professionals, and communities are working together to ensure the health and well-being of our youth.

What we are offering you:

The Sense Project offers 4 workshops in high school settings, CEGEPS, universities and other community spaces. Although the Sense Project recommends following the series of workshops, they can be given individually and we are always ready to design a custom workshop tailored to suit the needs of the youth and sensitive to their particular development in your school or organization. We are attentive to the diversities and multiple realities of youth! Below, you will find a description of the content of our workshops. Note that the season kickoff for the Sense Project workshops is at the beginning of October and follows on during the rest of the school year! Each workshop strives to: • Provide clear and accurate information about sex and sexual health • Develop critical thinking on society’s sex norms • Empower youth in their sexual decision-making


What is Sex? (W #1)

• Introduction to sex and sexuality • Sexual and gender identity • Sexual decision-making and motivation

Let’s be on the Safer Side (W #2)

• Transmission, prevention and testing for STIs and HIV/AIDS • Safer sex practices and methods • Contraception

Let’s Talk about it! (W #3)

• Communicating personal sexual boundaries and negotiating safer sex practices • Tools for building a culture of consent • Intimacy


• Body and genital diversity • Society’s beauty standards and sexual performance anxiety • Sexual decision-making and first times Convinced yet? What are you waiting for? Book a Sense workshop and support the empowerment of youth in their sexual decision making! To book workshops or for more details on our services and adapted trainings, please contact Charlie the Sense Project coordinator at (514) 481-0277 or at **Condom distribution** Head &Hands is happy to offer free condoms to youth. We believe that it is a crucial aspect in youth’s sexual health and we are mandated by the Public Health Agency of Canada to ensure they can easily access them. Making condoms accessible to youth is consistent with our goal to reduce the rates of STIs and unintended pregnancies.