Support Social Services

“The workshop on How to Have a Healthy Relationship should be given to kids when they are in high school or even before”.
– Participant in the Next Gen program

“I’ve never thought about conflict styles before. Yes, I’m really a shark but I didn’t think about how that could make people think I don’t care about them”.
– Participant in the Time to Act program

The Social Services program at Head & Hands provides free counselling services that can be accessed quickly, which is extremely rare in Montreal. Our local CSSS has a very long waiting list and provides only short-term counselling. Private therapists and psychologists are very expensive, making this type of support impossible for most youth. School counsellors frequently refer youth to us because their work load does not allow them the time necessary for regular one-on-one counselling with their students.

Head & Hands believes that youth deserve more—more support, more respect, more empowerment, and more choices. If you share our beliefs, please consider supporting our social services by donating. From a monthly donation of one hour of your paycheque, to an annual contribution from our spring or fall mailout, to regular support from foundations, all gifts are invaluable to us.