Street Work

Street work is an outreach program that aims to meet and support youth (12-25) and drug users (all ages) in a non-judgmental, holistic, confidential, and flexible way. Our street workers Devon and Liz, spend time with clients in NDG, in places where they hang out (parks, on the street, in youth centers, bars, apartments, motels and metro stations, to name a few). They can be a good person to talk with if you’re having a hard time or just want to chat about life. They have experience talking about issues like domestic abuse, sexual assault, violence, health concerns, addiction, suicide, homelessness, welfare, and job searches. Liz and Devon  are there to work with you to find solutions or just talk it through! They can also accompany youth going to appointments, for example: court hearings, welfare office appointments, abortion appointments, or landlord meetings. If you want to read more about services available through our street work program, click here!

Devon and Liz have flexible hours in the evenings, are mobile, and can be reached on their confidential cell phones at 514-779-3386 (Devon) and 514-808-1312 (Liz).  Call anytime!

Our Street Work program is supported in part by the Fondation Quebec Jeunes.