Looking for more information on street work or harm reduction? Check out some of these sweet resources...

Canadian Harm Reduction Network

These folks host an online meeting place for organizations and individuals looking to reduce the health, economic and social harms that are associated with drug policy. They lobby the government to reform drug laws and educate the public on harm reduction practices. They are fighting to end the war on drugs, pretty awesome.


Cactus is non-profit community organization that works with a variety of people. They cater to those who use illicit drugs, are sex workers, youth living on the street and transsexual and Transgender* people. They maintain an open-minded and welcoming space where people can access support and not feel judged based on their lifestyle choices. They work to reduce HIV and HEP C transmission and other blood-born and sexually transmitted infections by offering clean injection gear and clean inhalation gear.


L’anonyme is a sweet ride. Look out for a camo spray painted bus that roams around neighbourhoods in Montreal offering active listening and harm reduction materials. In NDG you can find them on Walkley and Chemin de la Côte-Saint-Luc around 7:30pm Thursday nights. If you are 14-30 years old, you can access condoms, clean needles and crack kits and ask health related questions to a nice harm reduction worker or nurse.


A monthly zine (DIY magazine) written by and for the people who are IIDU (injection and inhalation drug users). They work with an empowerment perspective and promote healthy lifestyles and improved living conditions of those who use drugs. They have many great resources and info about drugs and your rights.


This website has been around for ages and it’s jam packed with up to date, relevant, non-judgmental information about psychoactive plants and chemicals (drugs!). Have fun exploring the many things there are to know about drugs. Inform yourself!

Trip Project

This website is awesome for information on how to use drugs safely. What to expect, how to party safer, how to recognize overdose, latest drug trends in the party scene, mixing drugs, and drugs and the law, you’ll find it all at the trip project website. They’re located in Toronto, and offer a service to drug users via text; “Did a line? Don't think you're fine? Need to enquire? Just text the TRIP!wire (647) 822-6435”. How sweet is that!?

Youth in Care

An organization spearheaded by youth and adults who grew up in the child welfare system. They aim to give voice to youth who have concerns and promote ongoing improvements in child welfare services. Alongside their public education they offer emotional support to youth in the system and to those who have recently left.