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Ask Anything: Unprotected oral sex – HIV contraction?


I was getting oral sex from a sex worker. I am really worry about HIV contraction. Please let me know regarding this issue.

I’ll do my best to answer your question, but I’m missing some details that would let me give you a truly accurate response on the risk level for your situation.

Assuming you’re stressed because you didn’t use a barrier (condom or dental dam) when getting oral sex, I can tell you that the HIV transmission rate during unprotected oral sex is not high. There is a risk of contraction for you, but it’s low. Regarding unprotected oral sex, I would be more concerned with the Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, or Herpes contraction, because the transmission of these STIs can be from a skin-to-skin contact.

The best way to lower your anxiety would be to get tested for these STIs.  Something to have in mind before getting tested is that STIs have what’s called a window period. A window period is the time where an STI is alive in your body, is contagious, but is not yet detectable by a test. For example, Chlamydia’s window period is 3 to 10 days, but HIV’s window period is 3 to 6 months.

This means that if you’ve had sex and are worried about having contracted HIV, you have to wait at less 3 months after the sexual incounter that is worrying you to get an accurate test result. In most cases, the test will be accurate after 3 months, but to be sure, it’s important to get tested after 6 months as well.

You can always get tested for HIV (and other STIs) at the Head & Hands medical clinic on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. In the meantime, I would recommend that you use condoms and/or dental dams to make sure that you and your partners are protected.

Ask anything: sex and sores


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Q: I have sores in mouth and have been having oral sex without a condom, only my partner has never done any sexually activities before and neither have I, whats up?

Thanks for your question! Unfortunately, it’s impossible for us to know exactly what the sores are without seeing you in person, but you would be welcome to come into our clinic if you’re in the Montreal area and between 12-25 years old. Our medical clinic happens on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and you just have to arrive between 4:45-5pm to get entered into the draw for that night’s clinic. You can view the clinic schedule and more information on the Head & Hands website. If you can’t come to our clinic, we can help you find a clinic that’s more convenient for you. One thing that’s important to remember is that the doctor will need to see the sores in order to help you figure out what’s going on, so make sure that you go to a clinic while the sores are present.

So although we can’t diagnose anyone over the internet, we can offer some information that may be useful to you. (more…)