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Ask Anything: Squirt Versus Urine


When I masturbate with a showerhead, I squirt. Is that urine or real squirting? It’s never yellow.

Masturbation with a showerhead is a great thing, but in the case of your question it complicates my answer! I’m assuming that you’re masturbating with the water spray, which means there’s a lot of water involved, all around your body and possibly inside your vagina. This makes it harder to distinguish the color, consistency, and quantity of liquid that comes out of your body when you masturbate.

 What I can say is that typically people don’t (involuntarily) pee when they’re having sex alone or with somebody else. Here are some things to consider in your personal investigation of the ejaculate-versus-urine question: Often, before squirting you can feel a tingling sensation similar to what you feel when you’re about to pee…but you won’t pee. If you keep going beyond that tingling sensation and ejaculate, try to find a way to look at the liquid that comes out. That’s where the shower context makes it hard investigate. In any case, the ejaculate liquid shouldn’t smell like pee; it’s more likely to be fragrance free or to smell like your vaginal fluid when you’re aroused. As for consistency, it’s closer to water and vaginal fluid than male ejaculate; it’s more liquid. Finally, the color should be on the scale of clear to white rather than yellow like urine. Good luck with your investigation!

Ask anything: squirting + the g-spot


Another guest appearance to answer your anonymous questions on the blog!  This time, Sydney, Sense animator extraordinaire, gives you the low-down on squirting (a.k.a. “female ejaculation”)…

Q: how can my man make me squirt?

First off, not all vag’s squirt. As a matter of fact, most don’t, but a fair number do and it’s definitely worth a shot! Squirting, when it does happen, is all about stimulating the g-spot in a specific way. Keep in mind, though, that squirting is not the be-all and end-all of pleasure. Approaching it as a hurdle that needs to be overcome will also make it even more unlikely, since being comfortable and turned on is key to any sexual encounter.

So let’s get down to it. First stop – the bathroom. G-spot stimulation and orgasms can be kind of uncomfortable with a full bladder, and right before ejaculation you’ll almost always feel a like you have to pee, which is normal. Second – you may want to lay down a towel or plastic sheet. Some squirters will dribble out a couple of teaspoons of thin clear liquid. Some people will produce some major spray.