JOB: Health Services Administrative Assistant

Job TitleHealth Services Administrative Assistant
Type of PositionPart Time ContractJanuary 2022 to March 2023Possibility of renewal, funding dependent
Schedule 25 hours/week Some evening work 
Salary & Benefits$20.00/hour + annual seniority increases 
Group insurance plan Unlimited health days3 weeks vacation first year + 4 weeks in subsequent years


Head & Hands envisions a society where all youth are participants and are inspired by the endless possibilities available to them. Our mission is to work with youth to promote their physical and mental well being. Our approach is preventative, non-judgmental, and holistic with a fundamental commitment to providing an environment that welcomes youth without discrimination. We facilitate social change and the empowerment of youth based on their current needs within our community and society at large.

About Head & Hands & Perks of the Position

Head & Hands currently operates in a flattened hierarchy model, with Program Directors operating as the main decision-making body, with strong encouragement to consult and collaborate with all staff within programs and within the organization. In the pandemic context the Head & Hands structure has entered a review of this structure to ensure increased collaboration and shared collective labour. 

As an organization that works to facilitate social change and the empowerment of diverse communities of youth, Head & Hands recognizes that experiencing marginalization and oppression often presents challenges, but also informs valuable skills and perspectives. 

We strongly encourage BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour), people with disabilities, women, Two-Spirit and queer people, trans people, and other candidates who experience marginalization to apply to this position and to self-identify when you apply. We are committed to creating a workplace as diverse as the communities we serve, and to supporting our staff with ongoing career development opportunities. 

This is a part-time contract position. Benefits include:

  • A semi-flexible work schedule, 
  • Paid sick days and mental health days,
  • 3 weeks of vacation in the first year of employment and 4 weeks of vacation thereafter in addition to 2 paid weeks off for winter holidays, and occasional summer closures,
  • Access to the group health insurance plan, which includes coverage for prescription drugs, dental care, and health practitioners such as psychologists and social workers. 


About the Health Services Administrative Assistant position

The Health Services Administrative Assistant is responsible for administrative tasks, working with the Health Services Coordinator and medical staff to operate Head and Hands’ over 50 year old Medical Clinic. This is a new position, designed as part of the restructuring of our health program. 

The Medical Clinic aims to provide an alternative to harmful, one-size-fits-all approaches to healthcare seen at the institutional level. The clinic’s guiding principles are based on a trauma-informed approach, anti-oppression, harm reduction, holistic care, non-judgment, pro-choice, education, consent, and confidentiality. Head & Hands’ Medical Clinic is targeted to youth facing complex social determinants of health, and those who face barriers to accessing institutional healthcare. Clinic runs 2-3 times per week, most weeks. 

List of Tasks 

Clinic Administration

  • Order and maintain inventory of clinic and medical supplies in collaboration with other team members. 
  • Coordinate with partner hospital for delivery of lab samples. 
  • Manage and process lab test results, liaise with partner lab. 
  • Maintain a resource database for client referral. 
  • Participate in program review bi-anually. 
  • Research best practices and training for implementation in the medical clinic. 
  • Support Health Services Coordinator/Director with program visioning and goal-setting. 
  • Participate in the coordination of clinic scheduling. 
  • Complete regular statistics and communicate them to the fundraising team. 
  • Provide referrals for office coordinators and other relevant staff. 

Client Contact 

  • Intake clinic patients and assess needs in collaboration with reception staff. 


  • Contribute to the maintenance of a clean and well organized clinic. 
  • Support Health Services Coordinator/Director in the development of clinic protocols. 
  • Uphold the mission and mandate of Head & Hands. 
  • Attend the AGM and a minimum of 2 other major events per year.
  • Attend in-program staff meetings (including staff retreats).
  • Attend relevant health conferences, training and events.
  • Communicate and strategize with relevant community partners about services and resource sharing. 
  • Support the Health Services Coordinator/Director in recruitment and training of new staff. 


Requirements & Assets


  • Bilingual French & English
  • A commitment to harm reduction, anti-racism  and anti-oppression.
  • Excellent time-management and organizational skills. 
  • Experience and/or post-secondary education in at least one of the following areas: hormone replacement therapy, trans health, 2SLGBTQ+ youth health, sex worker health. 
  • Deep understanding of the lived experience of chronic strain or stress of gender marginalization, transphobia, transmisogyny.
  • Deep understanding of the lived experience of the chronic strain or stress of forms of marginalization: racism, homophobia, xenophobia, poverty, living with disability. 
  • Deep understanding of informed consent. 
  • Experience and/or education in administration (or any skills that the candidate may consider transferable to administration). 
  • Strong communication skills, both oral and written.
  • Experience working in a collaborative team setting.


  • Knowledge of additional language(s), particularly Spanish
  • Knowledge around health issues experienced by youth
  • Experience working with youth and/or marginalized populations
  • Experience working in a clinic or healthcare setting
  • Knowledge or experience with drug use, sexual assault, addictions, and/or mental health intervention
  • Knowledge of queer and/or trans organizations and resources in Montreal, Quebec and Canada
  • Knowledge or experience with harm reduction intervention 
  • Connections to or background with NDG and is communities
  • Experience working in a community organization and/or non profit


Head & Hands’ Medical Clinic has remained open and operational throughout the pandemic, with some appointments in person (when absolutely necessary) and others through teleconference. This position will require in-person and direct client work: the candidate must be able and willing to work from the office. 

Full PPE and training are provided by Head & Hands. If concerned please contact 514-481-0277 or include questions in your application. 

Application Process

Please apply by submitting your CV and cover letter to, and including “Attn: Health Admin Assistant” in the subject line. Applications can also be submitted by fax at 514-481-2336, or in person at 3465 Benny ave. Guidelines for preparing your CV and cover letter are available on our website, no incomplete applications will be accepted.

Applications are due at 10:00 am on Dec 10 2021. All candidates will be sent a confirmation that their application was received, but only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted further. We are aiming to hold interviews for this position during the week of Dec 13 and Dec 17 with an ideal start date of January 2022.