Justice for/pour Nicholas Gibbs

Please join us on February 9th, 2019 at Bar le Ritz PDB – we will be hosting a fundraising concert to benefit the Gibbs family. 


We will also be hosting a prize raffle! Stay tuned for more information. 


After many weeks of thought, Head & Hands has made the decision to de-prioritize the 50 FOR 50 monthly donor drive this year. The donor drive will continue to be open until the end of December 2018, and we will continue to promote it as individuals, but we will be shifting our focus as an organization towards instead supporting the family of Nicholas Gibbs until February of 2019.

At multiple points throughout this year, our fundraising team discussed the role that Head & Hands has to play in community solidarity work. There are many urgent and pressing crowdfunding campaigns always taking place in our community, and it is impossible to adequately support them all. We discussed, within the Fundraising team, how to navigate balancing the needs of the organization with those pressing needs of community members experiencing trauma and injustice.

As a larger team, we have also discussed the kinds of work that we believe Head & Hands should be doing. Since September, several Head & Hands staff members have been involved in the support committee for the family of Nicholas Gibbs, a young black man who was murdered by police in NDG at the end of August. On October 30th 2018, we hosted a press conference for the Gibbs family as they announced their intention to take legal action against the Ville de Montreal. We also provided food and staff hours for the vigil on November 3rd.

We have decided, as a collective, to utilize our hours and expertise in fundraising to support the Gibbs’ family GoFundMe. The GoFundMe is raising money for: the family’s legal fees, support for Nicholas’ children/family, and funding for his mother to move away from her current home (the location where Nicholas was murdered). At time of publishing, the GoFundMe was approximately halfway towards its $15,000 goal. We are dedicated to helping close that gap.

Community organizations are the people they serve. It is essential that we work towards the futures we want to see, on micro and macro levels. Head & Hands has, for decades, been an engaged activist organization: we want to continue that work wherever we can. We are obligated to try to respond when our community is in crisis.

Therefore at this time, we will prioritize elevating the voices of the Gibbs family, promoting their GoFundMe, and campaigning in their honour.


You can give to the family here:



Our fundraising team would like to invite members of our community to join a volunteer committee, that will organize fundraising events for the Gibbs family. Please contact membres@headandhands.ca to get involved.


Head & Hands is committed, in the future, to making shifts towards increasing our solidarity work. We will start here.