Hormone Replacement Therapy

Based on our current resources and capacity, as well as growing demand, Head & Hands can accept a limited number of new clients to the hormone treatment program each year. There is currently a waiting list for this service, and any clients seeking hormones must consult with the Health Services Coordinator before coming to the clinic.

For clients currently on our waiting list: 

  • The Health Services Coordinator (Mylène) will contact each client on the waiting list when it is their turn.**
  • The Health Services Coordinator will then schedule a first meeting outside of clinic hour in order to open their chart and become familiar with the program, as well learning about other resources for trans youth. This initial meeting lasts approximately 1.5 hours.
  • The first visit to the clinic for hormone initiation will be by appointment only. All following visits will be through the drop-in method. Blood tests can be arranged by appointment

**The Health Services Coordinator cannot predict an exact date for when a client will be contacted or have their first visit to the clinic. Any triage to the waiting list is at the discretion of the health team.


For people wishing to initiate HRT who are not currently on our waiting list:

  • Aged 18-25: contact the Health Services Coordinator to add their name to the list.**
  • There are a limited number of places on the waiting list for hormones each year.
  • The Health Services Coordinator can offer referrals to other doctors (endocrinologists) if the waiting period is too long.**
  • Clients on this list will be able to discuss the program in advance with the Health Services Coordinator, who will also inform them of other community resources.

**Because Head & Hands uses an informed consent method, and we do not have a paediatrician, we do not initiate hormones with clients under 18. If you are under 18, please contact the Health Services Coordinator to discuss the options available to you.

Contact: health@headandhands.ca  or  514-481-0277

Head & Hands recognizes that there is an urgent need for this service and that trans youth in Montreal face many barriers, not only to hormone prescriptions, but also to adequate and transfriendly healthcare. We wish to continue to provide support to this community through our clinic as well as our other services, and we are always seeking new strategies to sustain and improve access to hormone treatment here and elsewhere in Montreal. We thank you for your collaboration and understanding in this matter