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The Sense Project envisions a world in which youth are the drivers of conversations about their bodily autonomy, they deconstruct the damaging binaries and constructs promoted in dominant education models, and their questions and desires are approached with compassion.


Through a peer-facilitated model, the Sense Project supports Montreal youth’s healthy sexual development, and creates tools to make empowered decisions about their own sexualities, genders, and overall health. Sense Project workshops are based on a model of co-creating paths to learning, where youth can engage in challenging and vulnerable conversations free of judgement or exclusion.


The Sense Project team visits community centers, schools, and group homes to facilitate sexual health workshops for youth and youth workers. During workshops, discussions and activities touch on many subjects: STIs, sexual orientation and gender identities, decision-making, consent, communication, beauty standards and sexual myths. Our animators encourage critical thinking and safer-sex practices, as well as offering condoms, lube, and resources to youth.


The Sense Project was created to support young people to make sense of their sexuality.

The 2005 Secondary School Reform removed mandatory sex ed classes from Quebec curriculum. Since then, teachers have been encouraged to bring sexual education into their regular classes. The Sense Project has been created so that sex education doesn’t slip through the cracks and remains accessible to youth according to their specific needs.

Booking a Workshop

Bookings are available from November to May during the school year, due to the fact that we train our peer educators during the months of September and October.

Our regular price for schools is $100 per workshop per group or $250 for a package of three workshops. If you are not booking on behalf of a school, please contact our Sense Coordinator for pricing, fees will vary.

Custom Workshops
Although the Sense Project recommends following our 3-workshop program, workshops can be tailored to suit the needs of your group. Workshops can also be designed for youth of different ages, provided they are between the ages of 12 and 25. For any customizations or modifications, an additional fee of 25 to 50$ may apply.

For all questions, or to book a workshop, contact:


We offer a series of three workshops for students aged 14-17 (Sec III-IV-V) in high school settings and other community spaces.

Creating Consent Culture Online
This workshop focuses on how to prevent sexual harassment on the internet, while fostering consent and healthy relationships online, as well as offline. We discuss social media, protecting our privacy, and working together to better everyone’s experience of those recent technologies meant to connect us together.Gender Next Level
After expanding on the notions of gender and identity, we be able to discuss what it means for someone to transition. We will then talk about common misconceptions on the process of transitioning and prejudices trans people face in general.

Sense of Orientation
We explain what is sexual orientation and answer the most common questions youth ask on the topic, then we name and define the most common among them. Furthermore, we touch base on everyday homo/biphobia and how not to reproduce it.


What is Sex?
An introduction to sexuality using interactive games.
This workshop includes a structured brainstorm on what participants already know about sexuality, an exploration of the reasons why youth would or would not want to be sexually active and how they can all be valid, and an overview of identity, orientation, and sexuality in general.


Let’s Be on the Safer Side!
Everything teens need to know about sexual health and contraception.
This workshop covers all the most common STIs: how they are transmitted, treated, and prevented. The second part of the workshop looks at contraceptives: which ones are accessible in Quebec, and a comparison between them.

Let’s Talk About It
An open and in depth conversation on consent and sexual assault.
This workshop discusses the legal and social aspects of consent, and explores how to create concrete space for consent in our everyday lives. After a scenario-based activity, the workshop ends with a myth-busting quiz.