Sense Project

Our peer-based sex ed program is called The Sense Project because it was created to support young people to make sense of their sexuality and make sensible sexual choices. Sense supports Montreal youth’s healthy sexual development by giving them the information and tools to make empowering decisions about their own sexual health.


Sense was originally created to target youth aged 14-17 in high school settings, but noticing the growing needs for our workshops and approach to sex ed, we have recently expanded our reach. Our team now visits community centres, drop-ins, CEGEPS, universities and group homes to facilitate sexual health workshops for youth aged 12 to 25 and youth workers.
Our workshops are crafted to respond to the present needs of the youth we are meeting accordingly to their individual paths and thoughts. Therefore, our workshops are created differently depending on the participants. The discussions and activities touch many subjects: prevention of STIs and HIV/AIDS, sexual orientation and identities, sexual decision-making, consent, communication, beauty standards and sexual myths. During the workshops, our team of animators encourage critical thinking and safer-sex practices, as well as offering condoms, lube, and resources to youth. Like all the services offered by Head & Hands, the approach of the Sense Project in sex education is non-judgemental, holistic and inclusive.
The 2005 Secondary School Reform abolished sex ed classes from the curriculum. Since then, teachers have been encouraged to bring sexual education into their regular classes. The Sense Project has been created so that sex education doesn’t slip through the cracks and remains accessible to youth according to their specific needs. Let’s face it: sex education is important and this program is an excellent way to make a difference in the lives of the youth around you!