Sense Project

We call our peer-based sex education program the Sense Project because we wish to support young people to make sense of their sexuality and make sensible sexual choices. Sense supports Montreal youth’s healthy sexual development by giving them the information and tools to make empowering decisions about their own sexual health.

While the program mainly targets youth aged 14-17 in high school settings, our team also visits community centres, drop-ins, and group homes to facilitate sexual health workshops. We promote safer sex practices to reduce risks, and we distribute condoms, lube, and resources to youth during workshops. Like all Head & Hands services, the Sense Project’s approach to sex education is non-judgmental, holistic, and inclusive.

In 2005, the Quebec government reformed the secondary school curriculum so that the subject of sex-ed wouldn’t be a class on its own. Instead, teachers are encouraged to bring sexual education into their regular classes. The Sense Project has been created so that sex education doesn’t slip through the cracks. Let’s face it: sex education is important!