Our social services include counselling and tutoring that is youth-oriented, non-judgmental, free of charge, flexible in duration, and provided without regional limitation. Counselling services, like most Head & Hands services, are limited to youth aged 12 to 25, while tutoring services are limited to youth age 12 to 18.


Head & Hands provides both preventative and direct services through consultation and counselling. The counsellor is responsible for psychosocial intervention that includes information and referrals, intake and assessment, crisis intervention, and short- to medium-term counselling. The counselling service operates within a client-centred framework based on humanistic principles of equality, confidentiality, and client self-determination. Our interventions consist of telephone consultations, face-to-face meetings (by appointment or drop-in), and individual, family and couples counselling. Those who seek counselling at Head & Hands do so voluntarily and for various reasons. Common problems faced by our clients include mild to moderate depression, low self-esteem, anger management, identity issues, and relationship issues.   To book an appointment, email social@headandhands.ca.  


The tutoring program provides free academic support in the form of individual tutoring to high school students aged 12 to 18. Tutors are recruited from CEGEPs, universities, and other sources, and then matched with students based on schedules and proficiency in specific subjects. The pairs work together on-site at Head & Hands during the school year.