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Head & Hands’ Counseling program envisions a world in which mental health care is flexible and responsive, an affirming space where the care a youth receives is shaped by them.

We believe that mental health professionals should hold space for youth as they navigate challenging life experiences, discover and develop their own tools and healing goals, and, most importantly, access their inner strengths and wisdom.


Head & Hands’ Counseling Program aims to provide an alternative to the institutional and “biomedical” models of mental health that are often oppressive to youth. We prioritize quality of care over numbers, and see counseling as a collaborative engagement, in which counselors actively reach for feedback in order to adapt to youth’s unique realities and needs.


Counseling is available to youth 12-25 years old and families with youth in that age bracket. We offer short- to medium-term counseling that is informed by healing justice, anti-oppression, trauma-sensitivity, and harm reduction. Counselors may also provide referrals for other relevant services where necessary.

Our Counseling Program prioritizes youth experiencing marginalization, specifically: Black youth, Indigenous youth, and youth of colour; queer, trans, and/or non-binary youth; recent immigrants and/or youth without status; youth experiencing financial, housing, and/or employment precarity; youth engaged in sex work.

Counseling is currently available in English, French, and Spanish. The service is completely free.