Medical Services

Head & Hands will be closing for 6 weeks, from April 6 – May 17, to rest, reboot, and re-envision after a year of being open in the pandemic. You can find a list of alternative resources here:

  • If you are a current client who needs follow-ups, a nurse will be in touch with you within 10 business days. 
  • If you have an urgent medical need, please call 911 or 811. 

Head & Hands estará cerrada por 6 semanas, del 6 de Abril al 17 de Mayo para descansar, reiniciar y revisualizar después de un año de estar abiertos durante la pandemia. 

La clínica estará cerrada durante este periodo.

  • Si usted ya es  unx paciente de la clínica y necesita seguimiento, una enfermera le va a contactar dentro de 10 días hábiles. 
  • Si usted tiene una emergencia médica, por favor llame al 911 o 811. 
  • Si usted necesita cuidado de salud mental y/o físico regular, vea nuestra lista de recursos. 
  • Responderemos al resto de las solicitudes/demandas, después del 19 de Abril 2021.

COVID – 19:

The Medical Clinic is still open, but we are no longer operating on a drop-in basis. To make an appointment, please email or call 514-481-0277.


Head & Hands’ Youth Clinic envisions a world in which youth feel the freedom to be the primary decision-maker over their health and bodies. We believe that access to free, universal, and public health services is an essential, non-negotiable social right.


Head & Hands’ Youth Clinic does not believe in a one-size-fits-all response to participants’ needs. Instead, we aim to provide an alternative to healthcare approaches seen at the institutional level. The Youth Clinic approaches healthcare from a harm reductive, non-judgmental, and holistic perspective. The program is targeted to youth facing complex social determinants of health, and those who face barriers to accessing institutional healthcare. This can include a lack of health insurance and financial resources; undocumented or in flux immigration status; Black youth, Indigenous youth, youth of colour; queer, trans, and/or two-spirit youth; youth engaged in sex work; youth engaged in drug use; youth who have experienced sexual violence.


The Head & Hands Youth Clinic delivers healthcare and education to youth 12-25 years old. The clinic operates on a mixed drop-in and appointment-based model. Once clients are in the clinic, they first meet with the Medical Coordinator, for anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes, before seeing a doctor. After the intake process, clients can be with the doctor for up to 45 minutes.


Currently, we hold 1-2 half-day clinics a week. All our doctors are volunteers.

Call or email the Health Coordinator to discuss when to get into the clinic and see a doctor; or 514-481-0277.

When you call, be prepared to give:
– Your full name
– Your pronoun(s)
– Your date of birth
– Your insurance/RAMQ status

You may also be asked to give some demographic information (ex. gender, race/ethnicity, etc). Though our clinic is open to all youth between 14 and 25, we want to recognize that certain populations experience oppression and marginalization in very different capacities and because of colonization, patriarchy, racism, transphobia and white supremacy, the current health care system can be inaccessible and possibly harmful to certain populations. Indigenous youth are given special priority within the clinic, in line with Head & Hands’ Indigenous Solidarity Statement & Commitments.

Clients without Quebec medicare

Head & Hands believes in access to healthcare for everyone, and welcomes clients between the ages of 14-25 who don’t have any health insurance or RAMQ coverage. That being said, we ask that if patients do have health insurance or RAMQ, they bring their card or insurance information with them. Temporary medicare cards, out-of-province cards, Blue Cross insurance, Desjardins and IFHP (Interim Federal Health Program coverage for refugees) are also accepted by the clinic.

The hormone replacement therapy waiting list is currently closed. We will update when it re-opens.

Want to visit another clinic? Check out our Clinic Referral Sheet